Grace Mugabe Sues Lebanese Gold Dealer For Failing To Deliver $1.35Million 100-Carat Diamond Ring

grace mugabe $1.35 diamond ring

October 19, 2017 – Grace Mugabe Sues Lebanese Businessman For Failing To Deliver $1.35Million 100-Carat Diamond Ring She Ordered For 20th Wedding Anniversary

According to Herald Newspaper, Zimbabwe’s First Lady, Grace Mugabe has sued a businessman, Jamal Ahmed for selling a ring worth $30,000 instead of the $1.35million one she ordered.

The ring meant to be Robert Mugabe’s 20th wedding anniversary to his wife didn’t come as expected.

However, Mr Ahmed claimed that the ring from Dubai he supplied to the Mugabes worth $1.35million as it had been polished by a third party.

Grace Mugabe who was not sanctified with the quality of the ring ordered Ahmed to refund her money and when he failed to do so, he seized his houses in Zimbabwe.

Ahmed who has a Zimbabwean residence permit and businesses in the country soon dragged her to court for intimidation and harassment.

In 2016 December, a judge ordered Mrs Mugabe to return the seized property. Now she is suing Mr Ahmed for $1.23million to settle the alleged debt.

6 thoughts on “Grace Mugabe Sues Lebanese Gold Dealer For Failing To Deliver $1.35Million 100-Carat Diamond Ring

  1. that is 1 of the reason African are backward. come her old husband was saying naija are nr.1 coruppt country what about buying just 1 ring of diamond with 1.35 million, when majority of is country people no food on their table

  2. madam wuruwuru,shebi u just espcaped being locked up in south africa for violently hitting a lady.whose money did u use to order those lebanese people,so u do wayo to ur zimbabwen people na so the guy do u wayo.take the quick pill and get over it.the guy made away with that money knowing fully well u robbed the masses their hard earned sweat.that money will set up a functional local hospital in your community.crooks

  3. so Mrs Mugabe you have $1.35 million to buy a common ring and your own people in Zimbabwe are suffering most cannot feed three times a day

  4. The white men saw the wickedness mixed with foolishness in the black race, hence, taking them as slaves was as simple as ABC. Madam, I no blame u but your country people who have given up on themselves!

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