Happy Ending: 7-Year-Old House Girl Tortured By Master For Eating Outside Reunites With Mother


7 year old housegirl

Sept 2nd, 2015 – Happy Ending: 7-Year-Old Maid Tortured By Master For Eating At Neighbours House Reunites With Mother

This little girl lost her father a while back. She was sent to Lagos by her mother to raise some fund for her family by working as a maid for a wealthy woman who eventually battered her.

7-year-old Chinemerem was battered by her madam for eating at a neigbhours house recently and was rescued by a woman who took her to the police station.

Her madam has been arrested.

Yesterday Chine reunites with her emotional mother who came all the way from their village in Owerri.

On the day she was battered,  Chinecherem who could only speak Igbo language said she was very hungry and her madam told her to finish washing up her son’s clothes and tidy up the house before eating.

In the course of washing the clothes, she felt dizzy and told a neighbour who took her into her house and gave her some food. “Madam” must have strolled out and noticed the girl’s absence from her duty post which resulted to the battering.

See more pics from the emotional reunion below

7-year-old Chine is not enrolled in school yet because her mother can’t afford it.