Happy New Month! Welcome To December 2016…See Motivational Quotes For This Month


december 2016 inspirational quotes

December 1st, 2016 – Happy New Month! Welcome To December 2016…See Inspirational Quotes For This Month

The final month of year is here again, can you see how time flies?

Isn’t it a blessing to be alive and well to witness such a beautiful day?

As we progress in this final month of the year 2016, here are our wishes for NaijaGists.com family.

May every trouble of your life come to a final end today

May you be above only and never below

May December be better for you than all the previous months of year 2016

May the peace of God that surpass all understanding reign in your heart throughout this month.

May you be happy for the remaining days of this year and throughout the years to come

May new doors of opportunities and unlimited favour open for you and your family.

May the angel of God guide and protect you and your loved ones.

As you step out in peace, may you return in peace in Jesus name.

Here are some motivational quotes to take to heart as December 2016 progresses..

Happy new month to you and yours.