Happy New Month….Welcome To February 2015

February 2015

Feb 1st, 2015 – Happy New Month….Welcome To February 2015

The beginning of every month is an opportunity to reflect and rekindle our hopes and plans .  A time for new dreams; a new dawn of sorts!

Like other months, February comes with its own myths, birthdays, observances, symbolisms, etc. The month is said to have derived its name from the Roman purification ritual Februa, which is observed on the 15th to approximately coincide with the old Roman calendar!

The most popular day in this month is the 14th; Valentine’s Day.

Val day initially celebrated as the Feast of Saint Valentine, it was a liturgical Christian Festival until about the 18th Century when it gradually became more of a celebration of romantic love! Today, it wears a rather subdued religious toga while, commercially, it is the next big event after the Christmas/New year Holiday!

February comes with a lot of good vibes! There’s so much in the air to look forward to!

Happy New Month, dear friends!

May we all be blessed with joyful experiences throughout February 2015 and the rest of the year!

7 thoughts on “Happy New Month….Welcome To February 2015

  1. I’m using this opportunity to wish all my friends a happy new month. May you all not be caught in any violence on Feb 14. Be on alert

  2. Happy New Month, may the joy of the memorable month open our eyes to see good things and open our ears to hear good things in jesus name(AMEN)

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