Hausa Wedding Photos Going Viral Over Bizarre Bridal Makeup

hausa wedding photos

Feb 14, 2015 – Hausa Wedding Picturess Going Viral Over Bizarre Bridal Makeup

The first photo was taken separately while the one below was shot during a mass wedding event that held in one of the Northern states.

Even the wedding guests are cracking up behind them. Who is the village girl that did the makeup…

hausa wedding pictures

Heheheheh.. ‘Lafta is dons fails me here’… where is Bench the grammarian to ‘finkish’ the statement.

13 thoughts on “Hausa Wedding Photos Going Viral Over Bizarre Bridal Makeup

  1. Are you sure these are Nigerians? To be honest these ladies look like they are Malians or Gambians. Their ladies are renowned for applying garish,outlandish make up. They all look ridiculous. No Nigerian will dress up this way no matter how local they are.

    • @Patoya,u actually right this is Malian Senegalese dressing and makeup. And mostly all francophone ladies like using gel on their hair.

    • Wherever they come from, they are human beings like you and must be very proud of where they come from. Words needs to be chosen very well before being spoken. Learn to respect people because you are not perfect either.

  2. I wouldn’t want to see these faces in a dream not to say real life, I would just feint especially when they try to smile, I don’t want to think about it….

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