Health Talk: Other Killer Foods To Watch Out For

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Oct 28, 2016 – Health Talk: Other Libido Killer Foods To Watch Out For

Continuation of foods that can kill your libido.

In our last article,  we talked about some of the surprising food. We will now continue where we left off. Alcohol. We men definitely love our Stout, Star, Heineken etc. Even some women too.

Over the years Red wine has been given a role as an aphrodisiac. This is true. The only problem is when taken in excess. Sure a glass of wine or even bottle of beer is okay if you are in the mood. Unfortunately, a lot of men take it as a sexual enhancer.

And then they overdo it. The white man that we try to copy and do follow follow knows how to sip his wine or his beer. He could spend up to one hour over a glass of wine or a can of Heinekens. Not my fellow Nigerians.

You need to see us gulp the thing as if it is just ordinary water. Especially at parties. Of course, that one na AWOOF wey no dey get bone. And you know the funniest thing? Most of those that do such wining and dining no dey give kobo to the celebrant.

Anyway sa, the truth of the matter is that too much alcohol destroys the sexual urge instead of enhancing it. Especially if you have such problems as premature ejaculation, weak libido or weak erection problems.

The other side of alcohol over consumption I should mention is this. Delayed ejaculation or nonejaculation. This actually occurs in about 2% of men. They go on and on for a long time.

This is no longer sex but punishment. Both of you get tired and exhausted. You both end up with bruises and cuts. It becomes painful to her because her vagina has become dry. Vagina wetness occurs only when the woman is turned on and enjoying the sex. But not when she is not. That is why rape is so painful physically. That is apart from the medical and psychological trauma.

These bruises and cuts can easily lead to sexually transmitted infections and the almighty Hiv/Aids (God forbid bad thing) Soft Drinks.

This is the opposite of Alcohol, or should I say, hard drinks? I know some guys who take between 4 – 6 bottles of coke, Fanta or other soft drinks daily. It is worse when they are at parties or beer parlours with their friends. They will proudly announce to all and sundry that they don’t drink beer. I tend to wonder who is worse.

Heavy beer drinker or Heavy coke drinker. To me, it is simply a case of the kettle calling the pot black. Soft drinks are all carbonated sugar. They don’t have any benefits as far as your body goes. Of course the same thing goes for the women.

Actually women consume more soft drinks than men. Fortunately and unfortunately for them, they can always cover up sex wise. Women can always pretend they are enjoying the sex, when they are actually doing mental calculation and inventory about their shops. Or how they can make you pay for the Voile Lace they intend to buy for the party next week.

They can make all the right noises to make you think you are a real man. Ask the call girls. And poor you will make it easier for them because all your senses have been dulled by beer. Fast food/Junk Food.

These are almost always fried. So they contain hydrogenated fat. These will lower your testosterone level over a period of time. They are also responsible for low quality sperm and abnormal sperm.

So if you are used to going to fast food restaurant to eat junk food as a form of foreplay, then take it easy. You can go there for your pre-nuptial outing no problem. Fortunately, most of them have very wide varieties you can choose from, that are not necessarily junk.

Due to lack of space, here are some of the others briefly. Cornflakes, Popcorn (microwave oven prepared), Soy and Dairy products, Coffee (a stressor that pumps adrenaline into the wrong places), Mint sweets and chewing gums (produce menthol which cools down the sex drive as fast as it sweetens your breath).

[By Dr Taiwo Fadeyi]

4 thoughts on “Health Talk: Other Killer Foods To Watch Out For

  1. Wow! Chewing gum and sweets? Please announce this on mountain tops because soooooo many people now chew gums and lick sweets constantly and everywhere, in church , at meetings etc…. Always!
    Na wa o! We no go chop again sef!

  2. Well i am not a Doctor or related to any of the field,, ..But one thing i know for sure is that You can eat anything your body require, but don’t eat it where it is Excess, even if u drink ordinary water where it is Excess it is bad, not only alcohol.. and the white men called it ABUSE and it is dangerous to health

  3. The new theory is…there’s nothing that’s good for the body….too much knowledge alwaz brings limit…na wa

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