Heartbroken Genevieve Nnaji In Toronto For TIFF 2016

genevieve nnaji in toronto

September 9, 2016 – Heartbroken Genevieve Nnaji In Toronto For TIFF2016

She might have been abandoned by her fiance on her wedding day in Milan, but the popular Nollywood actress has moved on to better things.

Genevieve Nnaji is currently in Toronto for the ongoing Toronto International Film Festival.

She will be at the Glenn Gould Studio on 250 Front Street West in Toronto at 8pm on Sunday the 11th of September 2016.

13 thoughts on “Heartbroken Genevieve Nnaji In Toronto For TIFF 2016

  1. Nothing is worse than missing an opportunity that could have changed your life.

    In genny‘s case, it‘s her status that could have been changed. I keep telling people something… Whatever is yours will surely come to you.
    Even if it is a Yam that God has appended your signature on it, will sure come to you.
    If any other person buys that yam and eat it he/she will surely purge.
    Thats why you can eat certain kind of Food and get stomach constipation. It wasn‘t meant for you in the first place.

    What is yours will always come to you.

    I take a stroll…

  2. I don’t think she really allows those stuff get the better of her, she’s always strong and brave.
    And those are the qualities I so much love about her

  3. Nnaji has always been strong right from onset even without a man (single mother) so i don’t think anything can stop her now from what she knows how to do best

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