Henrietta Kosoko Died Of Spiritual Attack: How Jide Kosoko Lost 3 Wives Years Apart

henrietta kosoko spiritual attack

June 6, 2016 – How Spiritual Attack Killed Henrietta Kosoko Died: How Jide Kosoko Lost 3 Wives Years Apart

Nollywood actress Henrietta Kokoso met the actor in Mushin while he was filming and from there they fell in love with each other.

After losing two wives to mysterious illness, he married Henrietta and Alhaja Kareemat Kosoko.

Few years after their marriage, Henrietta battled a strange illness that almost cost her her life but survived after rigorous prayers.

According to an insider NaijaGists.com talked to today, Henrietta almost lost her life in a fatal accident last year it is God that saved her.

The source said the bone of contention right now is the mysterious way in which Henrietta died today.

She was about to say something when she suddenly slumped at her home in Bariga Lagos. She was gasping for breath while holding on to her chest but collapsed and slipped into a coma and never woke up.

Doctors pronounced her dead around 2:05pm today.

Henrietta who hailed from Delta State was reportedly warned not to marry the veteran actor but she went ahead and marry him.

Henrietta’s corpse has been deposited at LUTH mortuary for autopsy.

Will bring you more details soon.

May her soul rest in peace (amen).

47 thoughts on “Henrietta Kosoko Died Of Spiritual Attack: How Jide Kosoko Lost 3 Wives Years Apart

  1. It is a pity.
    Are you sure Jide Kosoko is clean?
    He made some nasty comments against one tribe in Nigeria sometime last year.
    Anyway, let GOD be the judge oooooooooooo.

  2. May her soul rest in peace.

    However, can someone kindly define what “Spiritual Attack” means in Nigeria environment please?. My understanding is this Mrs was reported to have suffered diabetes for years. Therefore, it is very common for diabetic patients to slum into coma. And i don’t know if she got syringes treatment to manage diabetes. She is a fat woman and possibility of her having shortness of breath is very possible.

    And patient with diabetes can be very complicated if they have other medical problems. I just don’t understand why nigerians attach too much to “spiritual attacks” anytime someone dies. It is crazy.

    By spiritual attack, do they mean they have invincible enemy watching over them and invoking magic on them?

    • I agreed with you to some certain degree @ Amanda but this death arouse some suspicious. This is the third wife of Jide that will die prematurely. I understand that you are a Muslim and your believe is “No leaf will fall from the tree without the knowledge of God” but there are some death that was not predestine by God. Amanda, check this out, if a Father can use his own son for money ritual, do you think some spouses may not use each other for fame rich and longevity. I’m not saying this is what happen in Jide Kosoko case but what happened in the secret is widely open to God. Anything can happen in this Country and do not trust anybody even if that person is closer to you than your jugular vein. Evidently this woman was diabetes and it is a manageable disease. She is knowledgeable enough to take care of herself but some adversaries may use this to perpetrate their evil act. If this is not the case, something must have gone wrong somewhere.

      • @Jilo, thanks. I definitely understand your point. The thing is, if a killer, terrorist etc physically attacks and kills another human, our believe is if the victim’s time is not up on this planet, something would happen in a way that would digress the horrific tragedy. By believing “spiritual attack” being prevalent in nigerian society today is taking mankind away from the Creator’s Power to give life and bring death. People would think victim’s life and death is at the hand of another human which is very wrong.

        Of-course islam recognizes occult world and that’s they are themselves promised hell if they kill someone. But death itself always bring excuses. You know Angel of death also laments to God that humans shout his name too much anytime he takes their souls, that they always blame him for everything. God undrstands his concern and grant him protection from being mentioned (at least, at first). So that’s why there is 80% excuses when someone dies. That’s whhy when someone passes, in most cases you would hear he had accident, he was sick with chronic headache etc

        For instance, you would barely hear natural causes this days. It is always about “he dies of BECAUSE he was sick with cancer. Dont we have people who have survived cancer?.

        You would hear “he died from drug overdose etc. There have been people who survived that as well. It is part and parcel of SUBMISSION to God to accept whatever He brings. But i can understand human thinking. We always want to blame something or someone. It is alright though.

        • I don’t know why people like you fail to understand that God doesn’t do evil. It’s very wrong for you to say it’s God’s doing. If God had been the one who took Henrietta’s soul, then, what is the work of the Devil… Think before you say something.

  3. Thanks for that wise and sensible comment @amanda we Africans are too superstitious and ignorant.


  5. This is serious….. May God safe us from untimely. death…….my condolence goes the family of kosoko

  6. Everyone take note, Amanda has spoken wisely about Diabetes and people should wise up, seek wisdom b4 dey Speak.

  7. Can’t believe all this stupid stuff jare, she died of diabetes but why insinuating spiritual attack again, amanda thanks for your understanding jare, they are all ******


  9. Take it or leave it, the spiritual controls the physical. Anything is possible in Nigeria. Though, Im not insinuating anything but I think this Jide of a man really needs some serious deliverance prayerssss.
    Three wives died at a row? Wonder the woman that will sheepishly go marry him after this.

    I take a stroll…

  10. Here we go again at people trying to be elusive at all cost just to portray themselves as enlightened. Nobody said for sure that this is a spiritual attack. It is all conjecture, and logical at the same time. It is said that the lightening never strikes twice at the same place. But in Jide’s case, we are talking about a tripple strike. Is he the only man that in Nigeria that is married to many wives? How could all his wives die the manner they did? Is sickness pitched like a tent in his house?

    Let’s not deny it. Things happen in this world. The reterospect is a faithful witness to this. Spiritual attacks attimes look so natuaral, but deep down is what eludes the physical eye. Most of you who have waved aside this thought will still be the ones to enthusiastically affirm the existence of illuminati sacrifices but no illuminati member has ever directly killed anybody used as a sacrifice. So why do you believe them just because it involves oyibo, and disregard this Jide’s case because Nigerians are backward? You people are just so fake as a mirage.

  11. Diabetes, so they say,according to what I read, after he lost two wives, he married two, and before they met around 1993 she wasn’t diabetic, it was recalled that the first wife died around 1993, he got married to Henrietta same year. What was she trying to say before she slumped, am not a believer when it comes to spiritual attacks but one needs to be thoughtful. come to think of it, he already lost 3 wives! This is HUGE and not ordinary.

  12. God said do not judge may be someone kill her or she dies naturally.so let live the judgement for God

  13. God said do not judge,may be someone killed her or she dies naturally,Let live the judgement for God

  14. unbelievable na wa but r.i.p ma and God knows d best oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo.

  15. @ Metu, pls relax don‘t mind all those attention seekers trying to impress some lilly brainy fellows. How can any right thinking person in this present World claims to be ignorant of the devices of the devil?

    Some people will just come up with some belief and want to convience as many as possible to believe their bla bla bla…

    I take a stroll…

  16. Pple shld please leave this man alone to mourn his wife. Enough of all these dirty comments. Death is inevitable. Its’ can come 4 anybody anytime. Wht we shld be praying 4 is not 2 go b4 our time.

  17. Whatever happens, whatever you believe,whatever sin youbelieve anyone has committed in whole scenario, let leave them to God to judge while we let these people mourn in peace I pray you all. It is not easy mourning loved ones only to be compounded with insulations. Remember she has her mum surviving her. Tnx and remain blessed everyone. God will give the Kosokos fortitude to bear the great loss.

  18. Hmmm,What a pity,upon all ur explanationz,all i knw is that this life is just like a market place,R.I.P Mrs Kosoko,my condolence goes to Kosoko’s family and corpse family with her fanz.
    May GOD Almighty 4give u all ur sinz.

  19. hmmmmmmm. May God have mercy on us all and protect us against every adversaries of the evil ones in Jesus name. Rip Henrietta Kosoko.

  20. We fall victim of time and co-incidence sometimes and Wicked Spiritual Beings exist. But it is very wrong to say that God is the one that causes the death of someone. @ Amanda.

  21. All these diseases are spirit, so if she died of Diabetes or by enchantment of the kingdom of devil, powers and principalities in the highest placestandards, they are both spiritual atta8. May good Lord grant her rest and peace.

  22. No one clean under this world bcus every one knows d background of their wealth ,RIP to whom dat was death

  23. God know the best,let just believe that God know the best,many people eascap through diabetes and they are still living,most people collaps and they are stil living, death is inevitable, what we should be praying for is not to die untimely death ,if its man that kill him,God know the best,let just believ ,is well. May her gentle soul rest in peace.

  24. The most important thing is “where will she spend eternity”,dar question still goes to all of us,death is a visitor,it does not notifies its host of its coming,it will not come and knock on ur door and say mr kosoko prepare, am coming on 6th of june,dat is why we ought to live a live in preparation 4 eternity.HEAVEN OR HELL,U CANT EXCAPE BOTH,U CAN ONLY EXCAPE ONE N GRAB THE OTHER

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