Here Are The Benefits Of Fuel Subsidy Removal In Nigeria – Abuja Lawyer Writes Nigerians

benefits of fuel subsidy removal in nigeria

May 20, 2016 – Here Are The Benefits Of Fuel Subsidy Removal In Nigeria – Abuja Lawyer Writes Nigerians


By now we should all be very conversant with the figures being bandied around from both the protagonists and antagonists of the subsidy removal, we have been inundated with economic arguments and saturated with socio-economic postulations and realities of the subsidy removal from both sides of the divide; so I don’t want to add to this library of figures or roar of voices. I just want to point out what I consider the biggest benefit of the subsidy removal.

The biggest benefit is an enriched political education. Let me elucidate.

In 2012 I supported the removal of fuel subsidy. In 2016 fuel subsidy was removed. So am I supposed to be happy? Yes. But no. No, I’m not sad. I’m not happy. But I’m amused in a fulfilled way. I smiled to myself when I heard the announcement of fuel subsidy removal. My smile expanded as I watched the Vice President and other Government officials try to explain the policy.

But the faces I have been scanning most are the faces of the general masses. Most of the faces are frowning and screaming. But are they learning? Are they imbibing the political education and awareness needed for future political engagement? I hope so.

My befuddled amusement is borne out of the fact that those who have implemented and are defending the subsidy removal today are those who fought it to a standstill in 2012. See how they are struggling to defend it. Their insincerity stinks but their courage is commendable. I hate to love them.

The day I personally wrote President Goodluck Jonathan off was when he bowed to pressure and blackmail and reversed himself on the subsidy removal in 2012. That day I concluded GEJ is a nice, intelligent man who means well for Nigeria but lacks the strength of character to push his ideas through. Events of the past few days have proven me right. See how the nationwide strike has crumbled before a more determined and ruthless Buhari.

In 2012 I knew the fight against subsidy removal was merely politics but the masses was hoodwinked to support the fight. This is what you get when a large portion of the led lacks political, economy and governmental education. They get easily swayed in tandem with the whims and caprices of the politicians. Most people who joined the politicians to kick against the subsidy removal in 2012 didn’t do enough study to find out that subsidy is the biggest scam on the people. Those who should know turned the truth upside down to mislead the gullible masses.

Increasing the price of anything by the government will always be an unpopular decision anywhere, anytime but an enlightened masses will always know when to support its government to take unpopular decisions that will benefit the same masses in the long run. Politics is always about popularity but governance is not a popularity contest. A nation that knows this is on its way to prosperity.

So now that the APC-led Federal Government has put away politics and insincerity to implement the subsidy removal policy, I say well done. The times are tough, but I believe wholeheartedly that it will turn out for the good in the long run. And I say this concerning this particular policy, not all their policies. As for the double-faced insincerity displayed by those who opposed it yesterday and supports it today. I will leave them to the shame they are now wearing like a cloak. The labour of explaining it to us and the task of making it work is their punishment.

Some of those who opposed the policy in 2012 are still trying hard to save face by saying they are still against it. We know they are just trying to save face. They are just posting online and issuing lame statements. None of them will organize a rally to protest against the policy. In 2012 it was a roar, today it just a little birdlike squeal.

As for the masses, I will ask, are you learning? Learn the difference between politics and governance. Learn the difference between campaign promises and policy statements. Learn the difference between Goodluck and Buhari. Learn the difference between propaganda and information. Learn the difference between passion and logic. Learn the difference between party fanaticism and facts. 2019 will soon be here, they will come again, what you learn is what you will use to choose.

To whom brain is given, commonsense is expected.

First Baba Isa (FBI) is a Legal Practitioner and writes from Abuja
07037162029, , 52F84BE5 @firstbabaisa

12 thoughts on “Here Are The Benefits Of Fuel Subsidy Removal In Nigeria – Abuja Lawyer Writes Nigerians

  1. The grammar too plenty for the write-up but I discover those protagonists and the antagonists have something in common ” agony” which in varied degree is present somewhere there in their description.. Only two days since protest started, the prices of virtually everything has increased.
    The hardship tire people and we are waiting with bated breath hoping something is done to cushion things a beg.

  2. Who is this FBI? Of course this ain’t my first time to hear that name. But now, he has endeared himself to me by speaking the truth as plain as can ever be. This is politics for us. Some people see Buhari and his cohorts as saints. Thank God I know better.

    Subsidy removal is a reality we need to face squarely as a nation. But what thrills the wonder out of me is the very same thing that FBI has mentioned. The same conditions of 2012 are still what we have now, but subsidy removal has suddenly become a popular idea. APC’s insincereity glows like a star in a dark night together with the bias of whoever continues to sing their praises without seeing any bad thing in them.

  3. I think the conditions of 2012 are very different from the present. In 2012 Nigeria got more revenue from crude oil that was above 100 dollars per barrel and the dollar was below 200 naira. So Jonathan could afford to pay the subsidy by using up the country’s reserve when the corrupt politicians and petrol dealers blackmailed him. Now there is no way the govt can afford to subsidize .

  4. mehn grammar too much jori,so una knw abt all dis benefits still u people(APC) kicked against it wen president gudluck jonathan wants to remove d subsidy abi? and now una want(nigerians) to support una to remove d subsidy una kicked against in 2012 abi? una d play and strike most continue.

  5. I no fit read this one finish o. Its too long and full of grammar. If people benefit from fuel subsidy, I have not benefited o

  6. What is good for the goose is good for the gander. One did it, is was ILL spoken of. Another did it, it is WELL spoken of.

    No amount of grammer, analysis or definations can justify a wrong doing.
    We are in a digital world where past reactions are measured by today‘s actions.

    You will never how much a shoe pinches untill you wear it, GEJ-PMB.
    Uneasy they say is the head that wears the Crown.

    Spectators always plays better than the players.
    I have seen people who called spade a spade now calling a spade a spoon.

    Question:- Have we bargain more than we can buy? Have we bitten more than we can chew? I‘m afraid but only God knows.

    I take stroll…

  7. Nigeria really need God intervention, because with the way the price of things are skyrocketing many Nigerians may not be able to afford 3 square meal

  8. Will the removal of fuel subsidy put food on the table of a common Nigerian? Will it reduce the cost of transportation? Will school fees be cut down? How about electricity tariff, will it be reduce? Will there be constant power supply? What about the prices of goods and services will there be price slash in commodities? Even house rent has been increased as a result. How long are we going to wait for the benefit of subsidy removal to be manifested?

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