HIV Positive Nigerian Gay Man Kenny Brandmuse Encourages Homosexuals Living With HIV/AIDS

kenny brandmuse gay

Jan 2nd, 2015 – HIV Positive Nigerian Gay Man Kehinde Bademosi Kenny Brandmuse Encourages Homosexuals Living With HIV/AIDS On Facebook

Another openly gay Nigerian celebrity living with infectious Sexually Transmitted Disease, HIV, Kehinde Bademosi popularly called Kenny Brandmuse has opened up days after another Nigerian gay, Bisi Alimi admitted that he is still living with HIV since he was diagnosed in 2004.

Kenny Bradmuse, a brand expert has been living with HIV since 1999.

He took to FB yesterday to encourage others like him living with the killer virus.

Mr Bradmuse told them to enjoy their time on earth instead of casting blames on others for their predicaments.

In his own words:

“These three things I pray in 2015: that we live our lives above dogmas imposed upon us by people who do not exactly walk in our shoes, that we overcome every stigma cast upon us because of things we honestly cannot do anything about. ( Take the shame away from your game.

Too bad that failures happen but we have to make the next seconds count instead of blaming others or blaming ourselves ) Finally, that we enjoy the beautiful things of life, like ice cream and hot Agege bread- as little as we can afford. Yes, learn to celebrate the little things in a big way. #Live”

Question of the day: Why is HIV prevalent among homosexuals???

15 thoughts on “HIV Positive Nigerian Gay Man Kenny Brandmuse Encourages Homosexuals Living With HIV/AIDS

  1. Please tell me what am reading is not true, I have been his follower since last year, I know he is gay but never know he has STD. Lord will heal you by his might hands

    • it looks like ladies handbag and not a school bag,who dash monkey banana..dem dey abroad de yarn opata…wonders shall never end

  2. I see it as a form of punishment for their sin becasue a man is not created to have sex with a man it is pervasion of the highest order it is evil

  3. Beware people as these folks want to start enjoying themselves byspreading AIDS around.pls do not allow him to make your life miserable as his. He is an instrument of devil. You never tell them how you have been coping with AIDs but you could come here and ask people to enjoy. Spread it around. Fame hungry idiots

  4. As at when you caught AIDS in 1999 very sure you had unprotected sex and you were too young to have sex. Why should you have to look for pity. You are paying for what you ignorantly did . Do you want to tell me that you have not infected anyone since then , I mean before you realized you are carrier, pls go cover up

  5. The reason I think y hiv is common wt homosexuals is dat most times dey av sex thru d anus n dnt use condom, unlike vaginal sex where there is enough lubrication from d woman n condom is used wtout one feeling it much dat he is wearing
    And also most homosexuals practise exchange of sperms wt each other either through d mouth or anus
    Another thing is dat in d homosexual community they av sex wt themselves n there is no much commitment like d conventional male n female relationship
    Jst my two cents tho, did I make a point?

  6. The anus is highly vascularized and tight naturally, thereby increasing the propensity of contacting HIV by over 70%!Mtcheeeeew. ..crazy act!

  7. I am sure they also suffer from internal or external pile. This is normally work of devil. Evil spirits initiation. If not why will men want to do men through anus. Where is the pleasure in this act? Is not even the will of God.

  8. Ae.. If dats de case we all gnna rot in hell coz we busy judging… Who r we? Same fire.. Theft, witch self proclaimed saints who replied here


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