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Household Products, Good And Harmless Things That Cause Cancer

good habits that cause cancer

Doing your laundry:

While this might sound and look innocuous, it isn’t completely so as a recent report by the Environmental Working Group showed that certain laundry detergents have potentially carcinogenic chemicals. There are similar reports which show that exposure to the said chemical(s) increased the risk of liver cancer in animals.

Using deodorant:
Recent research results have hinted that the aluminum compounds used in making deodorants can increase the risk of breast cancer. These compounds are active because they prevent perspiration when applied to the skin. However, they can interfere with hormonal (estrogen) operations in women with the tendency to form cancer cells in the breast.

Using cosmetic products:
Some cosmetic products like makeup have been found to contain parabens, which are dangerous chemicals easily assimilated into the skin. The use of such products can be totally avoided if you decide to use natural methods of beautification.

Use of talcum powder:
Women who use baby powder also known as talcum powder in the perineal region have an increased risk of endometrial cancer. This is based on a study in 2010 which suggested that the risk of this type of cancer can go up by as much as 24% in women that use baby powder.

Making popcorn with a microwave
Machines make our life easy, simple, and fast; how much more an essential kitchen machine like the microwave. Making microwave popcorn is fast and easy, but you may have to reconsider as they have the potential of causing bladder and lung cancer. This is because they contain a harmful chemical substance called diacetyl, which gives the buttery flavor.

Putting your mobile phone in your bra:
A study by Environmental Health Trust found that women who wear their phones in their bras developed breast cancer after several years. This is not only peculiar to women as men who carry their phones in their breast pockets are also susceptible to the risk. Thus, it is highly advised that you use a phone holster or purse to carry your phone. Furthermore, it is recommended that you switch of your phone when not in use and check for possible signs of breast cancer early enough.

Working at night:
It has already been stated that there is a relationship between melatonin operation and cancer formation. A not-too-recent study showed that night shift workers have an increased risk of breast cancer due to the inhibition of melatonin production. This risk is further increased if the shift has been done for a long time.

Scented candles:
As harmless as it seems, the relaxing effect of burning scented candles can be a source of some unforeseen damage. For one, this type of candles is known to contain benzene and/or toluene, which are potentially harmful to the lungs. In short, the use of scented candles can increase the risk of lung cancer.

Using oral contraceptives:
Birth control has not been better and simpler than through the use of contraceptives. However, women who make use of this birth control method may need to reconsider as it has been found out that all types of oral contraceptives can increase the risk of liver, cervical, and breast cancer. This is because these birth control pills contain hormones that promote cancer growth.

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  1. Jibowu Idris

    August 1, 2018 at 7:57 AM

    Laundry and scented candles is so true. D popcorn one is bothering me because I eat at least 2 packs of it daily

  2. Big Aunty Koks

    August 1, 2018 at 8:31 AM

    Then what is safe? Detergents are expected to aid hygiene and sanitation and if use of same proves harmful, mankind is in trouble. The authorities charged with ensuring standards are maintained should do their work of policing product manufacturers to make sure that those harmful substances are not used and that the buying public is protected.

  3. iron bar

    August 1, 2018 at 11:19 AM

    what should be believe in..they say what u dont know wouldnt kill you but seems like what we know may eventually kill u.. why invent what will kill us..mysterious world.

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