“How Angel Of God Rescued Me From Kidnappers Den In Lagos” – Mother Of 3

angel rescue kidnappers

May 12, 2014 – “How Angel Of God Rescued Me From Kidnappers Den In Lagos” – Gift Aggor, Mother Of 3

After over 24 hours in kidnappers den, a mother of three identified as Gift Aggor was miraculously rescued by her guardian angel.

Mrs Aggor said her captors wanted to kill her and when her hubby, who works with a radio station, offered them ransom, they declined. They told him point blank to consider her dead. That was on March 23rd, 2009 few days to Easter.

Her survival was hopeless until God showed up. Her experience, she said, is a pointer to the fact that angels can rescue the 234 abducted female students of Government Secondary School, Chibok Maiduguri, who were kidnapped by Boko Haram gunmen 28 days ago.

Aggor said: “I sincerely believe we should engage God in prayers for the girl. I know firsthand how God can rescue the girls if we pray. He once did it for me and He would do it over and over again, especially for these girls if we commit them to Him in prayers.”

“I was preparing to take my family for vacation and was doing some shopping. On my way to the market, around Maryland/Onigbongbo, I saw a taxi parked. I was wondering if to make a detour when a lady jumped out of the taxi, double-crossed me and pushed me to the back to the taxi.”

The operation, according to her, was done so smoothly that passers-by couldn’t have noticed anything was amiss. This was despite the fact that it was around 8am at a public bus-stop. On entering the taxi, she remembered seeing two other ladies and the driver. The taxi drove her and other three occupants for hours without stop.

The seamstress was too dazed to talk. By now, they had descended on her. Completely perplexed and helpless, she resorted to the only thing that came to her mind. “I just started singing and praying. They had blindfolded me and had overpowered me. I would only God could rescue me from them.”

When they stopped at a spot she didn’t know, she was moved into a building. Fearing the worst, she simply intensified her singing and prayers. “At a point, I was thirsty and asked them for water but they said, ‘since you are a Christian, ask your God to provide water for you.”

She backed down and heard them making calls to someone, who she later realised was her husband, on the phone they had taken from her. After a long lull, she heard nothing again. Her fears heightened but she sang the more. Then God stepped in.

“When I didn’t hear anything again, I was afraid for my life. Everywhere was quiet and suddenly I heard a footstep; my scarf was removed. I tried to look up but couldn’t. Then, I saw a man standing before me in full white apparel.

“I wanted to talk but couldn’t. The man pointed to the floor and I saw two ladies lying down, sleeping. I tried to get up but I could not. Then I supported my hands on the floor and got up. He pointed to the floor and I saw my phone. I immediately took it and hid it in my jean skirt. When I followed him, I fell on the floor. It was dark but I could see bushes around. He was walking while I kept running and falling. We did that for sometimes until we got to the main road,” she recalled the turning point for her.

A car was on the other side of the road. Her mysterious helper, who she insists is an angel, got into the wheel and she jumped in. The man, she said, drove until he stopped and motioned to her to get out.

“When I dropped, I saw a bike and two men robbing a lady. That was when I came to my senses. Immediately, they left a lady walked up to me and asked what I was doing there. I told her I couldn’t get up and she helped me. She asked what I was doing and supported me to a taxi park. That was when I knew we were at the other side of Maryland.”

Aggor later found out a lady she employed to work in her shop was behind her abduction. “Before that day, I had been receiving strange calls. A number would call and say, ‘do you know who I am?’ I’d call back but the number won’t go.”

What a might God!!!!!

We believe the God that rescued Mrs Aggor is able to free the Chibok girls kidnapped by Boko Haram terrorists..