SAN Joe Agi Accused Of Buying Bullet Proof BMW Car For Justice Ademola To Kill A Case

joe agi bullet proof bmw car justice ademola

January 16, 2017 – Corrupt Lawyer Joe Agi Buys Bullet Proof BMW Car For Justice Adeniyi Ademola To Kill A Case

A witness in the ongoing trial of a Federal High Court judge, Adeniyi Ademola, has explained how a bulletproof BMW luxury car was purchased for the defendant by a Senior Advocate of Nigeria, Joe Agi.

The witness, Ifeoma Ofornagolu, the first of 14 witnesses to testify in the matter, said she delivered the vehicle at the residence of Mr. Ademola in Lagos after same was paid for by Mr. Agi, the third defendant in the matter.

Ms. Ofornagolu, a sales consultant with Coscharis motors, said she is responsible for facilitating such transactions between customers and her company, Sahara Reporters reports.

According to the witness, her office confirmed the purchase by placing a call to the buyer of the vehicle.

Once the necessary confirmation has been made, the name of the customer (owner of the purchased car) is noted for delivery.

“The receipt was issued in the name of Ademide Ademola; ( Mr. Ademola’s son). I accompanied the driver to deliver the vehicle to Ademide Ademola at number 16 Babatunde Ajose Avenue, Lekki, Lagos. The car was signed for by Mr. Ademide Ademola who received the vehicle,” said Ms. Ofornagolu.

Earlier, Ms. Ofornagolu said the confirmation of the purchase was made via a call between her office and Mr. Agi’s company, Joe Agi and associates.

She added that Mr. Agi also called them after the transfer of N8 million was done from his company’s bank as cost of the BMW, while an additional N400,000 was paid as VAT for the same vehicle.

“I was also called by Joe Agi. He called me to confirm if the transaction has been made,” she said.
The witness further said the receipt was sent to Ademide Ademola, via his email address,

2 thoughts on “SAN Joe Agi Accused Of Buying Bullet Proof BMW Car For Justice Ademola To Kill A Case

  1. This is the reason why we will continue to have repeated offenders roaming the street because they know that it just going to take some money or car gift to kill their case.

    This is the reason why some people will keep killing with impunity because it only going to take some bribes by some unscrupulous Judge above. For somebody to bribe a judge with 8 million naira, do you know the kind of atrocity he has committed?

    All I know is, crime will reduce in Nigeria if those criminals in Nigeria realize they cannot bribe their way out.

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