How Henrietta Kosoko Once Survived A Fatal Motor Accident That Killed 2 Months Before Her Death

henrietta survived accident last year

June 10, 2016 – How Late Henrietta Kosoko Once Survived A Fatal Motor Accident That Killed 2 Others Months Before Her Death

Nollywood actressHenrietta Kosoko who passed on last Monday following a long battle with diabetes once cheated death.

The wife of veteran actor, Jide Kosoko miraculously escaped death in a ghastly accident last year on January 31.

henrietta kosoko accident

The accident occurred along the Sagamu/Abeokuta expressway in Ogun State.

Henrietta, who fell into a coma following the accident was said to have lost control of her Toyota Sienna minivan before hitting an electricity pole.

Residents of the area who came to her rescue said two of the occupants of the brown Sienna died on the spot.

While narrating her ordeal in an interview with Encomium, the chubby actress thanked God for sparring her life adding that the accident taught her a lot of lessons.

In her words:

‘I went to Abeokuta for TAMPPAN national meeting on Thursday. I decided to stay over because my friend was having a remembrance for her husband. I left Abeokuta around past 11am the following day. I got to a place they called Kobape. I was about climbing a bump when I noticed that the car brake was faulty. When I couldn’t find a solution to it, I had to look for where to hit, so I ran into the bush. That was all I could remember. I woke up in the hospital.’


10 thoughts on “How Henrietta Kosoko Once Survived A Fatal Motor Accident That Killed 2 Months Before Her Death

  1. The spirit of death seemed to have been hovering over her for long now unfortunately, she didn‘t code it all along.
    RIP beautiful woman.


  2. If you are driving and suddenly realize that your brakes have gone, simply shift your gear lever to L(if your car is automatic transmission) or gear 1(manual transmission). The low gear would force the vehicle to decelerate, and any depression of the brakes pedal could have some effect.

    If is adviced to gently tap your brakes at least from a hundred meters to where you need to slow down, depending on your speed. Higher speeds would mean that the distance should increase. This helps a great deal in case of brake failure, for it gives the driver some time to manage the situation, unlike when some drivers keep throttling until they get to the point of braking before they slow down. This is a dangerous way to drive.

  3. I wish her beautiful soul eternal peace. Be not fearful of those that can kill the body but have no power over the soul. Every life shall come to an end. We are all terminal, it’s just a matter of time. We don’t know who is next. Fear God who has the power to cast our souls in hell, if we so deserve.

  4. Not everyone as d experience of driving, so many people only knw how to put d car on d road and drive, when dis kind of thing happens they tend to panick.

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