How Linda Ikeji & Lilian Planned The Disruption Of Solomon Akiyesi`s Wedding – Family Source

solomon akiyesi wedding disruption

April 13, 2013 – How Linda Ikeji & Lilian Planned The Disruption Of Solomon Akiyesi`s Wedding – Family Source

Below is an unedited email received from a family source of actor Solomon Akiyesi this evening.

For those who are unaware, the news of the wedding disruption of Nigerian actor Solomon Akiyesi took the web by storm on Saturday morning.

According to the report that started from controversial gossip blogger Linda Ikeji, she said her best friend Lilian Akiyesi stormed Solomon Akiyesi’s wedding this morning in Lagos…

Contrary to false report on your blog Linda, Ms Uloma Agwu was a genuine lover of Solomon and not his mistress as you have mentioned.

They both attend Overcomers World Outreach church in Aguda, Surulere.

My brother Solomon apparently left Lilian over a secret adultery allegation best known to both of them.

They got married in 2009 and since then, my brother has suffered terribly in Lilian’s hand.

Yes Lilian hails from a wealthy family but she is a spoilt brat that is clueless on how to handle a man.

When Solomon met Uloma, he found solace in her.

Linda Ikeji you are defending yourself that you’re not a part of this whole thing.

What I know is that you’re popular for befriending wealthy people for connection advantage.

I’m aware of your relationship with Lilian and how you guys have met each other on several occasions.

Apparently you Linda and Lilian planned the whole thing.

Though I wasn`t at church during the time you stormed the service but our choir master saw you outside the Overcomers World Outreach church in Aguda, Surulere.

I’m also aware how your camera men and Lilian left the car to disrupt the wedding.

How can a single woman stoop so low to destroy someone else’s wedding?

Keep in mind that what goes around comes around.

That is all I have to say.

Your lame excuse that you have nothing to do with the whole saga is unacceptable it`s a statement of guilt.

Linda Ikeji, you are a jobless gossip who takes pride in destroying people’s home.

Again remember what goes around comes around.

This letter is from me Uche, Aunty Uloma`s family friend.

……………………..End of email……………………………….

According to a source, the wedding was eventually cancelled as the pastor in charged blessed Uloma and Solomon. He didn`t join them together in holy matrimony.

Uloma is not pregnant as reported on some blogs this morning.

21 thoughts on “How Linda Ikeji & Lilian Planned The Disruption Of Solomon Akiyesi`s Wedding – Family Source

  1. Uche or whatever your name is, dont get yourself involved in the quarrel of your brother and his wife. They are both one and if they have issues, it is your duty to pray for them and continue to wish them well and not to find reasons to insults your brother’s wife. Do you intend marrying your brother?

    You have equally not acted right.

  2. Dis linda of girl, her own is getin too much dis days , linda dis linda dat nobody ever talk gud of her, cnt she be call to order

    • Nobody will talk good of anybody that call a spade !Spade !…that is while Nigeria is full of corruptions….they should keep Linda out of the matter .Solomon should have done things properly!…….Gosh! Am not sure this brother of his ,is married !becos he is full of shit!!!!he very 
      Lucky that his brother was only jail for 2hrs ,if na Yankee he try this…someone will have been 8feet dip.pls advice your bros properly.

  3. Solomon u no get eyes , if u wan di shinna , no be to go for your grandma. Fool . You are not even remourseful, you have gut to be commenting on FB , May God silence you forever as you intend to put your legal wife to shame . All of na ,Nollywood , Naija gist are the same.

  4. ould be ashamed of herself, so what if linda and lilian planned to disrupt the wedding, is it after marrying lilian for 7 years that he realized she’s a spoilt brat. Opening her mouth to say “how can a single woman stoop so low to destroy another person’s marriage” na wa o is that how they do it. The church sef don’t they ask questions very well before wedding a couple? Hain. Whether she’s a spoilt brat or not he married her and is still married to her and. Goiing behind her to get married is just cowardice. Mumu

  5. Hummmmmmmmmm!!!! SOLOMON Why will u leave ur pretty young and pregnant wife for one old cargo wen call her sef uloma or ulojo? Come to think of it na money solomon dey find? Abeg this na real big time disgrace. I hope Solomon go PROduce dis film so we go watch am for cinema

  6. Solomon would av divorce her first before goind into another relationship bcos two things are involved here, either solomon was tired of his wife or the other woman is using africa power to control solomon.

  7. At the look of things Solomon na thief, e be like say his old new lover get money. Anyway, Solomon remember money is the root of all evil and for Solomon family they are shameless they were even defending their brother as if what they are doing is normal

  8. Uche-are you actor Solomon’s family member or aunty Uloma’s family friend????? You say they spoilt another woman’s wedding???Jeez I can’t believe!!! They both attend Overcomers, huh??? But the church in their syayement made it clear that Solomon is not their member, but Uloma.. can’t you see how you all are bunch of wicked liars?

  9. wat is the name of the church they do the wedding please?cos i known the church should have a role to play b4 the wedding.

  10. If lind did it, i support her. The issue here is the bull and cow who tried to play a fast one getting married. wish we had more lindsa here in naija.

  11. you people should go sut up.what matters in any relationship is happiness may be Solomon has found happiness in the arms of uloma.

  12. The issue here is not whether Solomon found solace or so called peace in the hand of Uloma, Why hiding? why not divorce Lilian first before going into another wedding. Can a christian wed 2 wifes at the same time. He is just a cheat, thank God he is disgraced.

  13. Pls read uches write up.she said dat linda is not d first wife, for crying out loud y is linda making a noise wit her bunch of area boys and girls.secondly uloma is not pregnant and thirdly solomon does not worship wit overcomers church he worships wit winners p/harcout were he was baptise by immertion feb.2013.

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