How Linda Ikeji & Lilian Planned The Disruption Of Solomon Akiyesi`s Wedding – Family Source


solomon akiyesi wedding disruption

April 13, 2013 – How Linda Ikeji & Lilian Planned The Disruption Of Solomon Akiyesi`s Wedding – Family Source

Below is an unedited email received from a family source of actor Solomon Akiyesi this evening.

For those who are unaware, the news of the wedding disruption of Nigerian actor Solomon Akiyesi took the web by storm on Saturday morning.

According to the report that started from controversial gossip blogger Linda Ikeji, she said her best friend Lilian Akiyesi stormed Solomon Akiyesi’s wedding this morning in Lagos…

Contrary to false report on your blog Linda, Ms Uloma Agwu was a genuine lover of Solomon and not his mistress as you have mentioned.

They both attend Overcomers World Outreach church in Aguda, Surulere.

My brother Solomon apparently left Lilian over a secret adultery allegation best known to both of them.

They got married in 2009 and since then, my brother has suffered terribly in Lilian’s hand.

Yes Lilian hails from a wealthy family but she is a spoilt brat that is clueless on how to handle a man.

When Solomon met Uloma, he found solace in her.

Linda Ikeji you are defending yourself that you’re not a part of this whole thing.

What I know is that you’re popular for befriending wealthy people for connection advantage.

I’m aware of your relationship with Lilian and how you guys have met each other on several occasions.

Apparently you Linda and Lilian planned the whole thing.

Though I wasn`t at church during the time you stormed the service but our choir master saw you outside the Overcomers World Outreach church in Aguda, Surulere.

I’m also aware how your camera men and Lilian left the car to disrupt the wedding.

How can a single woman stoop so low to destroy someone else’s wedding?

Keep in mind that what goes around comes around.

That is all I have to say.

Your lame excuse that you have nothing to do with the whole saga is unacceptable it`s a statement of guilt.

Linda Ikeji, you are a jobless gossip who takes pride in destroying people’s home.

Again remember what goes around comes around.

This letter is from me Uche, Aunty Uloma`s family friend.

……………………..End of email……………………………….

According to a source, the wedding was eventually cancelled as the pastor in charged blessed Uloma and Solomon. He didn`t join them together in holy matrimony.

Uloma is not pregnant as reported on some blogs this morning.