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How Much You Need To Live Comfortably In Nigeria

how much do you need to live comfortably in nigeria

How Much You Need To Live Comfortably In Nigeria

Living comfortably in Nigeria can be a challenge for many people, especially those who are unfamiliar with the cost of living in the country. In this blog post, we’ll take a closer look at how much you need to live comfortably in Nigeria and what factors you should consider when determining your budget.

The cost of living in Nigeria varies greatly depending on where you live and your lifestyle. For example, the cost of living in Lagos state, is significantly higher than in other cities like Ibadan or Benin City. In Lagos state, you can expect to pay more for housing, food, transportation, and other necessities.

To live comfortably in Nigeria, you’ll need a monthly budget of at least N200,000. This amount will cover your basic living expenses, such as rent, food, and transportation. However, if you’re used to a more luxurious lifestyle or if you have additional expenses, such as medical bills or children, you’ll need a higher budget.

When determining your budget, it’s important to take into account the following factors:


Rent for a one-bedroom apartment in a central location in Lagos state can range from N100,000 to N250,000 per month. If you’re moving to a smaller city, you can expect to pay less for housing.


The cost of food in Nigeria varies depending on where you buy your groceries. Supermarkets typically offer a wider variety of food options and are often more expensive than local markets. On average, you can expect to spend N50,000 to N150,000 per month on groceries.


The cost of transportation in Nigeria can be high, especially if you’re relying on taxis or private cars. A one-way taxi ride in Lagos can cost anywhere from N5000 to N10,000. To save money, you may want to consider taking public transportation, such as buses or motorcycles.


Healthcare in Nigeria can be expensive, especially if you’re used to a more developed healthcare system. You may want to consider purchasing health insurance to cover unexpected medical expenses.


Entertainment in Nigeria can also be expensive, especially if you’re going to restaurants, bars, or nightclubs. You can expect to spend anywhere from N30,000 to N70,000 per month on entertainment.

Miscellaneous Expenses:

Personal grooming, clothing, and other miscellaneous expenses can range from NGN 5,000 to NGN 50,000 per month.

Keep in mind that these are rough estimates and may vary greatly based on personal lifestyle and spending habits. It is recommended to budget for at least NGN 200,000 to NGN 500,000 per month to ensure a comfortable lifestyle in Nigeria.

It’s important to keep in mind that the cost of living in Nigeria can be unpredictable and may fluctuate based on factors such as inflation and currency exchange rates. To ensure that you have enough money to live comfortably in Nigeria, it’s important to have a solid budget and to stick to it.

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