How Ogun Area Boys Stabbed LUTH Doctor Adekoya Cole To Death Over Unpaid Land Settlement Fee

May 31, 2016 – LUTH Doctor Thomas Adekoya Cole Killed By Area Boys For Refusing To Pay N50000 Land Settlement Fee

How Ogun Area Boys Stabbed LUTH Doctor Thomas Adekoya Cole To Death Over Unpaid Land Fee

More details have emerged on the murdered LUTH Doctor, Thomas Adekoya Cole.

The consultant orthopaedic surgeon was hacked to death by some area boys in Ogun state during the preparation for Ogun festival.

The 60-year-old Doctor travelled to his hometown over the weekend for the Ogun festival where he was ordered to pay N50,000 in land charges.

Dr Cole was hacked by the hoodlums in Itele area of Ijebu East LGA of Ogun State over his refusal to pay the requested money on Sunday.

He was rushed to a private hospital in the town where he was confirmed dead. One of the traditional worshippers, identified as Omotayo Ogunbowale, had earlier on Saturday been hacked to death by the hoodlums.

8 Area Boys have been arrested in connection with Dr Cole’s murder.

8 thoughts on “How Ogun Area Boys Stabbed LUTH Doctor Adekoya Cole To Death Over Unpaid Land Settlement Fee

  1. Very good for arresting them. I am the most happiest person on this planet for hearing this good news. So they killed this Dr because of 50000 unpaid fees. Chai bad belle Nigerians. Oh God you killed him because of money.

    May God forgive you all.

  2. where is that ***** that called himself RAPO whom i considered to be Igobophobia or xenophobia should read how his lazy fellow ******* who called themselves omo onile killed a father and an important man in the society. it was an **** people killed this man he will stop wrting hate speech about****, *****

  3. Very good! The fools have been arrested. Let’s see how they will be moving around and demanding illegal tax from people and killing them the victims when they refused. I hope they rot in jail.

  4. wicked people. did they give him money to keep or they feel it’s easy to get money. may they rot in jail. Rip sir.

  5. Good to hear that his killers have been caught. They either resurect the man back to life or face same fate.

    If I have my way in this country, there wont be all these incessant nonsense killing cos when you kill anyone especially for a lousy reason such as this, the punishment is Slow Death.
    Then others will take causion.

    I take a stroll…

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