How Tee Billz Fraudulently Collected N2.5M From Remy Martin Nigeria To Book Tiwa Savage For Show

tee billz dupes remy martin nigeria

May 10, 2016 – How Tee Billz FraudulentlyCollected N2.5M From Remy Martin Nigeria To Book Tiwa Savage For Show

Entertainer Insiders claim that Tee Billz fraudulently collected N2.5m from Remy Martin Nigeria to book for Savage’s performance at an event that was billed to hold sometime in the week, but the man never remitted the money to the singer. But after the interview made the rounds, the management of the cognac company reached out to the singer that it was aware she’s hurting and therefore decided to exempt her from the show.

Details of how Balogun secured the deal despite being fired as the singer’s manager remain unknown. Meanwhile, words have also spread that Savage had shrugged off the mess and moved to a movie location to feature in Funke Akindele’s TV drama entitled ‘The Return of Jenifa’.

Her part in the series had been shot before the fiasco. Our checks revealed that the information is untrue as the singer was already onset earlier on the same day her estranged husband posted the damning Instagram story.

Fans and industry buffs wouldn’t need to worry about TeeBillz’s whereabouts anymore; we learnt reliably that after leaving Banky W’s place, he was quietly moved to a friend’s place in 1004 where a psychotherapist and other close friends would be helping him fight depression.

There may also be plans by his friends to relocate him to the US immediately the storm is over.

Indications are rife that TeeBillz had been barred from using phones for some time to enable him to get out of the gloom early enough.

We also found out that TeeBillz’s ailing mother who was nearly shattered by the squabbles moved to Savage’s Lekki residence to plead with the singer. Our source revealed that Savage’s mother-in-law was there for three days before she left on the 4th of May.

12 thoughts on “How Tee Billz Fraudulently Collected N2.5M From Remy Martin Nigeria To Book Tiwa Savage For Show

  1. All I see is a greedy, discontented rogue that always devices new ways to trap and exploit whoever is unfortunate to trust him. I don’t know how others view this case, but TeeBillz to me is desperately proud and ungrateful. All that he cares about is to keep up status, his own empty, megalomaniacal status. That is why he is a dupe today.

    Good a thing that Tiwa would not listen to this new revelation. Let Remy Martin management deal with TeeBillz like a criminal that he is.

  2. They should just leave dis guy alone joor it has happened and it has happened there are worst things thatis happening in order families is it bcos they are celebrities they allowed peace to nw rain God will help both of them I love TJ and Tiwa

  3. Thanks jare Seunfunmi.let these guys be, what they need now is our prayers not criticizing or condemning any of them. Peace

  4. The TeeBi is now acting like an angel, he’s now looking for attention and sympathy as if he’s been a good man. I pity those who will fall for his cheap trick to pity him. Rubbish.

  5. If you are dealing with Tee Billz calibre, you ought to use a long spoon and you must have a sharp teeth.

    Tiwa‘s exodus out of his life really dealt him a very painful blow. Its probably the worst thing that has ever happened to him in his entire earthly existence even in the dreamland.

    Tiwa ought to be very careful and should always watch her back before TB turn into a killer.

    I take a stroll…

  6. Some men have made many women a living corpse in Nigeria and so vice versa. Many have destroyed or killed opposite sex personalities, emotional or psychological death as well. But most we see are physical death. Such is the case of recent ronke case that was recently murdered by her trusted husband. If all what I read about Tillbz are true , then there is no difference between murderer and Tiwas husband . This attitude is caused by greed, inferiority complex. Please let all this murderer stop hiding under the umbrella of mental health problems . No matter how an individual is mad , their true personality always come out . I believe this is Tillbz personality . Not dissapointed at all

  7. Tiwa do evertin to take yr man back”I may sound so direct’but it do happen evrwere ‘I wish u could witness other people privacy’then you will see there is no angel out there’even in this part of the world I live’u atimes consider the welfare of the kid ‘an move on’only maybe you have to change some tins’ m savage think about it diply’ thanks’shalom’

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