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How To Find A God Fearing Christian Wife To Marry: Biblical Guidelines To Finding A Wife

how to find god fearing wife marry

How To Find A Godly, Christian Wife To Marry: Guidelines To Finding A Wife According  To The Bible

By Our Creative Reporter

“He who finds a wife, findeth a good thing and obtaineth favour from God” so says the Bible in Proverbs 18:20. This underscores the importance of a wife (a godly and virtuous one) to her husband.

She is the Proverbs 31 woman who complements her husband totally in all ramifications. Finding a godly Christian wife is the desire of most men. Sadly, only very few achieve this dream. This could be owing to the fact that she is rare (even the Bible confirms this in (Proverbs 31: 10).

The good news however is that it is possible and although the Bible does not exactly state clear cut terms on how to go about it, it would still serve as our guide. There are certain attributes that you must also possess as well to find a God-fearing woman.

Some of these attributes includes;

Be Godly: You cannot obviously give what you don’t have. Therefore, if you desire to marry a godly wife, you must also be godly too.

No godly woman would wish for a husband who does not share the same aspirations and goals as she does. Apart from seeing that as a set back, it would lead to imbalance in the home.

Pray to God for a Godly Wife: This is definitely indispensable for every man who desires a godly woman. This is because without prayers, it would be almost impossible to decipher a true Christian woman from the rest. Only prayers would indeed search out the true intentions of the heart.

Be Resourceful: Every man desiring a godly wife must be resourceful and hardworking because guess what? So is she (Proverbs 31: 10-24) and she would not settle for less.

Make yourself the type of husband you would wish for yourself had you been a woman. This would serve as a yard stick for you to measure your success.

Look Inward, Not Outward: Remember, godliness comes from the inside out. There fore, if  you dwell on physical features as a point of attraction,  you would clearly miss the mark.

Stop asking only the pretty faces out. Study her character, is she humble, approachable, loving or is she proud and saucy but with a pretty face?

The truth is that when the chips are down, you would  desire some peace and quiet in your home not the pretty face.

Refer to the Bible: Beyond prayers, you must also search the scriptures for direction from the Holy Spirit and for some references on the Bible’s own standard of whom a godly woman is. Armed with the Bible’s descriptions, you would be better focused on finding the right woman.

Do not Make Assumptions: You should have realized by now that not every relationship with a woman would end in romance least of all with a godly Christian woman. So just because she was kind and spoke in a gentle manner to you does not transcend into a relationship talk more of a romantic one.

You must first develop appropriate relationship under appropriate circumstances with her. Remember, a godly woman would want to ascertain your own godliness before she can fully trust you and commit to a serious and romantic relationship with you.

Talk to Someone: In the issue of marriage, you definitely need all the spiritual guidance you can get. Talking to someone, especially a more spiritual person (for instance a clergy) is also a good way to get pieces of advice from a human angle especially if the person is also married.

Following these steps in finding a godly woman is useful but also, one needs to know a godly woman or at least have an idea at first contact.

Some of her very conspicuous attributes with Biblical backings include:

She Has a Very High Sense Of Discretion (Prov.12:22): She is very mindful of the words she speak and how she conducts herself.

She is a Home Manager (Prov 31:27, Titus 2:5): She looks out for her household and ensures they are well fed and clothed. Plus, she is always active.

She is very Graceful (Prov 11:16): She hates shame and is always striving for virtue.

She is an early riser and goes about her business with all her energy. She is never lazy. (Prov 31: 15).

She Radiates True Beauty: Not of outward but of inward beauty which never deteriorates. (Prov 31:30).

She is an embodiment of humility. Regardless of her achievements, she is never boastful about it.

She is a lover of God. This is perhaps her most outstanding character. She sets her affections on heavenly affairs, not on worldly possessions.

All these and more are some of the true characters of a godly Christian woman. She also manifests the fruit of the  Holy Spirit who dwells in her daily. This makes it easier identifying a godly woman from an ungodly one.

Therefore, as long as you are also godly, and  depend on God for absolute guidance and never pay attention to hear-say, you are sure on your path to finding a godly Christian woman for a wife.

Finally to meet your desired God-fearing spouse, pray to God and serve him well.

You will most likely find her in church especially if you serve faithfully in a department of your choice.

If you are having trouble finding her, approach a church member or your Pastor to connect you to one and don’t forget to pray very well for God’s guidance before making a choice.


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