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How To Make Life Happier & Interesting..Guide To Living A Tension Free & Peaceful Life

how to make life happy without tension

How To Make Life Happier & Interesting..Guide To Living A Tension Free & Peaceful Life

Life should be hassle-free wouldn’t you agree? They say life is too short to not live it to the fullest, and that is what it should be. However, the stress that comes with our daily lives and daily commitments seem to be taking a toll on all of us as oftentimes, we go so hard to meet our targets.

Realizing that targets and dreams never end till we eventually die is something that should be a non-stop reminder to all of us. Working hard and achieving out goals are all very good but we also need to give our body time to heal and replenish from all the stress it goes through. This is why taking a break from work, going on vacations, spa treatments, eating healthy meals etc should be a regular  routine.

A lot of women also joggle this lifestyle along with having a new born baby. All these along with work, family etc contest for her attention everyday and without proper management and prioritizing, she stands the risk of having a breakdown.

To avoid this, we will be sharing some tips on how to make life easier and happier for you and also in addition to when you have a new born baby:

Learn How to Put Your Baby to Sleep: This is like one of the first things you need to know as a mother (especially a new one at that) if you are to achieve a stress-free life generally with your new born. Different techniques and methods put babies to sleep. So, what work for baby A may not work for baby B and vice versa. Therefore, you need to figure out that of your child and stick to it.

For instance, some babies go to bed after a nice warm bath some on the other hand become even more active after that. Some babies usually sleep off while being breast fed or bottle fed while others prefer to be carried around the room before they finally sleep off. All methods are good. As long as you have discovered that of your baby’s, you will most likely not have to worry about getting some good sleep at night.

Stock the Freezers: You do not want to worry about what to eat or what tour husband will eat at the end of the day. The simple thing to do is to ensure that your freezer is well stocked with all the foods (cooked most preferably) you can get and them mix them up with some fresh fruits and vegetables. To achieve this task, dedicate one weekend to go shopping for grocery and everything you will need in the house then cook all and store in the freezer. This way, once you are back home, you can simply heat them up and enjoy. This saves you and your husband the stress of having to loom for what to eat everyday after work.

Do not forget to add some freshness to your food. For instance, prepare the egusi soup without adding the vegetables so that when it is time  to best it up, you can simply chop up the vegetables at once. This adds a lot of green and freshness to it and improves the nutritional component. Ensure that fruits are also not lacking in your daily diet because your child needs all the vitamins and minerals it can get from you.

Take Care of Yourself: Obviously you need to take care of yourself to achieve anything at all. This means getting enough rest on a daily basis, staying on a healthy diet (this is so so important not just for you but also for your baby), exercising- if you feel you do not have the time to work out per say, then you can ensure you engage in a lot of physical activities. For instance, you can take the flight of stairs instead of using the lift, or you can walk down to the cafe for your lunch break instead of driving down. These are some of the numerous ways you can actually exercise without necessarily doing a routine.

However, if you ever have the time, routine exercises are great ways to stay healthy and fit plus getting back into shape after the baby bump. Occasionally, you can take breaks from work and go on vacations or simply just take a day or two off to relax and feel better. You will definitely feel better after doing this and it will help you get prepared the stress of the coming week.

You may wonder how you can do this especially with a baby in your hands right? Great! This is where you should leverage on the mandatory visit of your mother or mother in-law (known as omugwo among the Igbos) to fully enjoy yourself and have a good time. During the period or the duration of her stay, the mother (mother or mother in law) is expected to take care of the child and cater to the little one’s needs unless it is time to feed it. Therefore make good use of this time to  heal properly and enjoy the hot spicy meals that will be dished for you on a daily.

Do not be in a hurry to start taking care of the child. Remember, it is your baby and you will have him/her around for a very long time. So enjoy the moment while it lasts!

Learn From Those Who Have “Been There” : Although we encourage you to get enough rest and to cash in on the maternal visit after the birth of a child, the truth is that you still need to learn a lot of tips from your mother, mother in-law, elder sister, aunt, neighbour, friend and indeed, any woman who has had a child or children. Do not be completely nonchalant about minor tips such as how to bathe a baby, how to hold a baby while breast feeding, how to check if a baby has jaundice, and a whole lot of other things.

Most women make this mistake and then they later pay dearly for it. Imagine a situation where your mother is late for instance, and your mother in-law for some good reason(s) could not make it, what will you do? This is where your own skills and knowledge will be most handy. You will not need to depend on anybody for anything and can conveniently, take care of the baby yourself. Be creative, continue looking out for new new ways to cater for your baby’s needs.

Alternatively, you can also go online. There is virtually nothing that is not online so you can get some very useful baby tips, parenting skills and also, see how some other mothers are coping with their new born babies. This will help you as you will definitely learn a thing or two from them which you will definitely find useful. Remember, as the child grows, what worked at three months may not work at six months, at nine months and of course at one year so, you need to be trendy and match the pace of your little one.

Routine Check ups: Check ups are a must if you want your baby to grow up healthy and strong and help him/her fight some killer diseases such as jaundice etc. Make sure that you have a pediatrician whom you can always call on when ever the baby develops signs of being sick.

Do not ever assume that you now know it all (probably because you have had three kids before) and then you go ahead to give the child some drugs because that was the same symptoms your second child had. Children are not the same, regardless of whether you had them all. So what works for A may not work for B. Always ensure to take the child to hospital in the case of any sign of ill health. It will surely save you from a lot of stress trying to do it on your own.

General Guide To Making Life Happier And Tension Free

Now that we have seen some of the tips of making life easier for you when you have a new born baby, let us take a look at some tips for making life happier and easier for you on a general note:

Wake Up Early: This also translates to going to bed early as well. When you are in bed early, you are most likely to be up early as well. This is because you have rested well enough and tour body is ready to the day’s task. Waking up early has some advantages to it: you feel refreshed, it makes you to meet up with the day’s tasks, your body and mind are sharp and focused.

What to do is to ensure that all activities are rounded off on or before 10:30 pm every night (unless of course in some uncontrollable situations), then turn off tour phone then set your alarm for 5:00 am. Depending on what your schedule is, that could be enough time to pray, work out, have breakfast, dress up and go to work. This way, you already know how your day will go every morning and this prepares you for it.

Have a Routine: Now who says routines are not good? Having a routine helps you plan your life more easily and actually takes away a lot of stress form it. Take for instance, if you wake up at a particular time, work out eat and go to work, then stick to that pattern and before you know it, your body will get used to it and it will naturally wake you up at that time. Just because you are following a routine does not mean you have to stop being spontaneous and sporadic, because your life will become very boring and easily predictable which will leave you vulnerable to a lot of things.

So, have a routine for certain goals (like the ones mentioned earlier) then feel free to think out of the box and be spontaneous in the rest. This way you will achieve balance and happiness in life.

Face Your Fears and Challenges: The greatest challenges and demons and the ones we should fight very often are the ones within us. So learn to face them head on and do not procrastinate any for the next day because each day has its own challenges and pushing today’s own to tomorrow will only overwhelm you.

Learn to make plans on how to solve each problem you are facing. Become self-reliant such that even in the absence of everyone else, you are capable of getting things done. Regardless of the fact that no man is an island, the ability to get things done on your own is a huge way to be happy. This way, you save yourself the pain and disappointment that comes when people do not do what they said they will do for you.

Focus: Nothing makes life more worthwhile than having a focus and knowing what you want out of it. When you have set goals and you are working daily towards achieving them, you feel happy with yourself knowing that you have a purpose. Everyday, the little victories you attain are worth celebrating and it is the trickles that form the one huge victory you are waiting for.

So do not live your life like you have all day. Live life to the fullest as if today was your last and then learn as if you will spend an eternity here. This way, you are goal driven, and have a plan and purpose for each day. Just going to bed everyday and remembering all that you were able to conquer gives you the will and drive to keep pushing.

Find Time to Relax: This is very important if you want your life to be easier and happier. Remember the saying “all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy’ right? Same applies to you. Hard work is good but relaxation is even better because you also need to consider your body, and not just your body, your mind as well.

So occasionally, take a break (whether it is for a leave or just a day or two off) you need it and your body will thank you immensely for it. This way, you will be achieving your goals and also taking care of yourself so you can be active and well for as long as you live.







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  1. Kariya

    March 26, 2019 at 4:22 AM

    To take life easy, ensure you are close to God and stop hurting others

    • Mon

      March 26, 2019 at 5:55 AM

      You summarized the headline perfectly, stop hurting others (intentionally) and be close to God.. the devil will always show up at some point as long as we are still here on earth.

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