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How To Reform The Nigerian Police Force – Edwin Mcdonalds


How To Reform The Nigerian Police Force – Edwin Mcdonalds

nigeria police force

December 17, 2015 – How To Reform The Nigerian Police Force  – Edwin Mcdonalds

I don’t want to believe all hope is lost concerning the Nigeria Police. We still have some good officers out there. The present Lagos State Commissioner of Police (CP) Mr. Fatai Owoseni is a good man, He is someone that have the interest of the people. He will be glad to look into matters of police brutality. I’m sure if our friends could see him or send a petition to him via the State Police Command, action will be taken. On the other hand, Lagos state is a very large metropolitan city and fighting crime too is not easy. Our environmental design and design of our public spaces have also fuel some of these crimes. There is need to change our orientation toward security.

Power supply still needs to be critically addressed. The issue of improper Uniformed Officers, bearing fire arms in the name of Stop and Search should be address (We don’t need rebels posing as Police Officers), I also wonder why officers who go surveillance (Close observation of a person or group, especially one under suspicion or the act of observing or the condition of being observed) should allowed to operate uncheck. This also a gap that needs to be urgently addressed. Surveillance team should have a reporting line, they cultivate, information, process it and send to the operation people. But the reversed is the case here.

I’m sure what our country is passing through today started like a child’s play unchecked, but today has become a very big overwhelming problem that continues to shallow every government that is trying address it. The Police can single itself out in the leadership of the current Commission of Police (CP).

Design of Public Space: The immediate past governor of Lagos State Mr Babatunde Raji Fashola ‘SAN’ has tried to re-design areas Like Obalende, Oshodi, Gbagada etc. to curb criminal activities within the state. No doubt, it has worked to a great extent. I believe the CP can work with the current governor elect to sustain this trend for the overall security of the state.

Abandoned properties within the state used as criminal hideout should be identified and destroyed and space used for recreation. I am sure the CP has a good relationship with the governor to achieve this.

Installation of Street light is another means with which crime can be fought. Most criminal would want to operate in dark hours, street light will no doubt reveal these group and possibly give a warning of the danger ahead to our night crawlers.

Orientation: The police image in the country from Lagos to Maiduguri is not different. This is because the public has formed negative opinions over the years from different happenings involving the Police. It is my personal opinion that it can still be remedied

To do this, some radical changes need to take place and they are;
1. Dealing with Corruption
2. Removing favoritism
3. Dealing with Nepotism
4. Breaking ethnic affiliation
5. Eliminating god-fatherism
7. Insisting on standard and procedures
9. Creating a standard and reboots internal control unit (Police the Police) with men of integrity
10. Creating good reward and punishment structure (the Carrot and Stick or the Hot stove Structure)
11. Vetting current officers thoroughly
12. Retiring ineffective officers and promoting the highly effective ones.

Most importantly let’s continue to pray for OUR POLICE. We all need a reformed Police and Policing. whether we like it or not somebody must do the job. Our voice must count. After all my Tax and your Tax is where the police Uniform, Arms and Ammunition and salary come from.

I stop Here for now

Edwin Mcdonald writes from Lagos

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. iron bar

    December 18, 2015 at 12:04 AM

    police needs total overhaul..inspector general should serve 1yr and police service commission should be scraped and will help boost their image and improve first responder’s image.

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