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How To Start A Creche Business & Daycare Center In Nigeria (2022 Update)

how to start a creche at home in nigeria


Most cities in Nigeria are littered with creche and day-care centers. Today, education remains the best legacy. This necessitates most people taking to it not only as a way of making money but adding value to society. The simple act of starting the business and the convenience of it to those who have flair for children is why it is a profitable business in Nigeria.

The growth of creche and daycare stem from four major factors. One is the increase in the number of working women who needed a place to care for their babies while they are at work. Two is the desire to sit at home to use their time for profitable purposes. Three, those who desire to right the wrong in the education sector. Fourth are people who want to create other sources of income.

This post will not only look at how to start a creche business & daycare center in Nigeria but will lead you by hands through the nitty-gritty of how to succeed in the business.

Requirements for opening a creche in Nigeria

creche and daycare center like any other business has a mode of operation. That means your ability to follow the guidance is the difference between your success and otherwise.

  1. Passion. No one succeeds at anything without passion. Passion is the first requirement needed to start a creche business & daycare center in Nigeria

Businesses and ideas thrive on the fertile soil of passion. Passion is the driving force that propels you to make the right move. It is the strength and courage to move forward when things go wrong. This is what gets you going when the going gets tough.

If you are not passionate about a dream or vision, you are not likely to give your best into it. This accounts for the poor attitudes of some school teachers imparting knowledge to their students. If you are not passionate about kids, you’ve got a slim chance of making a headway in creche school business.

  1. Training. There is nothing more dangerous to any establishment than untrained workers. Lack of training is like cutting a tree with a knife or a dull axe. Operating a successful creche and daycare requires adequate training. Understanding the rudiment of education at that stage is germane to the proper upbringing of the pupils.

The academic qualification of both the owner, especially the staff will be of paramount importance when considering the opening and running of creche and nursery school. As you will agree with me, you can’t give what you don’t have. Thus, you release to the pupils from the reservoir of your acquired knowledge. As a rule, those handling creches and nursery school pupils are required to have at least an NCE or first-degree certificate preferable in academic line.

  1. Understanding what is true success. Real success is not defined in the context of financial results only. You will be missing the real issue if you are only going into creche and daycare school business primarily because of money. Such a notion will make you compromise standard as long as the money comes in though at the detriment of the pupils and the parents who are paying through their nose. However, if building lives is your primary goal, you will be truly be making real success. This single principle will give you the push to move forward when visible results are not coming in the early days of the business.
  2. Accommodation. The type of accommodation you have will determine your profit margin at the end of the day. Some will start school in a rented apartment before moving to their permanent site. The downside of this is the government will not register a school in makeshift or temporary accommodation. Before registration and approval, the regulatory agencies will first ascertain if such a facility is conducive and ideal for learning. Each room must be spacious enough, especially for kids.

A building with a fence and a gate is adjudged to be secure when we talk about a secured environment.

  1. Location. A lot is attached to the location when citing your daycare. It is your location that will determine how much you will pay to the ministry of women affairs when applying for your permit. Your location also determines your charges, the type of staff that will be available and their demands. Those who are in the eyebrow community pay more for the permit and also charge more for school fees.

How much does it cost to open a daycare center in Nigeria?

There is no blanket rule on the cost of starting and running a daycare in Nigeria. The bottom line is your preference, taste, and capacity. To answer the question, no amount is too much as long as you have the wherewithal. For instance, a person can cook a pot of soup with #1000, yet another cook a pot of soup with #10,000. It is both a pot of soup, but different contents

With your home or spacious rented apartment, you can start your creche and daycare with zero cash. All you needed is your passion for children and the basic children wares and tools you have at home. With your word of mouth as publicity, you are good to go on the business.

How to register a creche in Nigeria

Creche and daycare services like any other business required registration by the statutory body for legality and genuineness. In Nigeria, the body responsible for registering a private business is the corporate affairs commission (CAC), Abuja.

Every private business owners approach the agency and collect the form for your intention. After the due process and payment of the expected due and registration, the business is duly registered. This is however after a name search has been made. The essence of the name search is to ascertain no two people register the same company’s name.

Since most of the creche and daycare are run by women, the body that issue permits for such operation is the ministry of women’s affair. The representative of the body will come for inspection and give the requirement for registration. After a year of their first inspection, they will come again to find out if the would-be owner had complied with the specifications. If they are satisfied with what is on the ground, then they will go-ahead to issue the permit. This is after you have paid the expected permit fees.

Things needed in a creche in Nigeria

  1. Tables and chairs. You need tables and chairs of their sizes for sitting. These will also be used to train them in writing, painting, and coloring.
  2. Toys and games. Every child needs toys and games to keep the body and soul together. Playing games and sports will make the child emotionally, physically, mentally and socially healthy. So, prospective creche and daycare owners must provide the right type of these materials in the right quantity. This should be such that every child can participate in due time without been left out. Children have a low retention capacity. This means you can’t hold them on the same point for long. Thus, you need other tools to get them engaged. This is where your toys and games come in.
  3. P.A system and virtual. TV, video, DVD, and audio players are part of your teaching aids for creche and daycare pupils. This is in addition to the pictorial charts that depict what you are teaching then. In teaching kids, songs and dance impart them than reading. So, will have to fill their classrooms with learning pictures. Furthermore, decorating the walls of the classroom does not only make it inviting but conductive.
  4. Beddings. Every daycare must have mats and beds for the children. They need those materials to do some of their plays with their teachers and during short naps. The beds are also useful for the sickbay.
  5. Toiletries. Napkins, toilet tissues, and diapers are a major requirement in any children’s institutions. This is to ensure the best hygiene, cleanliness and the health of the kids.
  6. Health facilities. One of the provisions the inspectors from women affair will inspect and expect you to have is the right health provisions. This will include personnel that has a bit of training in first aid administration and application. The presence of a fully kitted first aid box will show the readiness of the school for serious business. There must also be a sick bay where those who took ill can be taking care of while the parents arrive or been talking to a health care center.

Pictures of creche rooms in Nigeria

pictures of creche rooms in nigeria
photos of creche rooms in nigeria

With your knowledge on how to start a creche business & daycare center in Nigeria, starting one will not only make you financially independent but add value to the nation’s educational system. I must conclude by advising you to make a positive change and not to add to the bad bandwagon in the nation’s academic circle.

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  1. Ifeoluwa Ibidapo

    February 20, 2020 at 4:19 AM

    Thanks for the advise. I’m thinking of starting one but capital is the delay

  2. Iroro

    March 22, 2021 at 1:33 PM

    Thanks for this article, it’s very informative and precise. Keep up the good work

  3. Uju Miracle

    April 18, 2022 at 11:06 AM

    Thanks a lot for this Piece. It’s very informative

  4. Osuu

    January 23, 2023 at 2:37 PM

    Thank you Sir, very interesting and we’ll detailed.. However, I would like to have a contact of you for easy communication… I desire to start soon.

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