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How To Start Lucrative Plantain Farming, Plantation In Nigeria, Ghana & Other African Countries

how to start lucrative plantain farming nigeria ghana

How To Start Lucrative Plantain Farming, Plantation In Nigeria, Ghana & Other African Countries

Have you been looking for the right business opportunity and you are yet to find one, here is an idea knocking at your door.

Plantain farming is a very lucrative business opportunity in Nigeria and other parts of the world especially in Africa.

Unlike other farming business opportunities that require huge investment and time, plantain farming is very easy to cultivate and maintain

It is lucrative in that plantain is very rich in fiber and very popular in demand in the tropical region.

Plantain farming in Nigeria is a low investment agricultural business and almost every soil in this part of the world is good for such according to research.

If you are still in doubt if this is the right business to venture into, you must bear in mind that in Africa, bananas and plantains provide over 35% of the carbohydrate requirements for over 700 million people.

If you are in Nigeria, starting a large to moderate plantain plantation is a breeze.

Without wasting much of your time, let’s get started.

Here is the 4 most important steps to take to get your plantain plantation rolling….

(1) Be Positive.

I can never emphasize this enough. When this website was started over 10 years ago with, I started it with a partner who gave up 2 years down the line but because of my very positive personality, I kept at it and in less than 3  years , creative ideas to take over the blogshere started rolling it. We hired 5 staff and as God will have it, we have 11 people managing the site and several other partner sites today. Because I did not give up, see where we are today.

My friend, if you want to get anything reasonable done in life, never give up. Be positive, separate yourself from negative people and keep your focus in check. I hope that has inspired you enough… Now let’s get back to business

(2) Get A Land That Is Rich

To have the best of your business, you need a rich soil  that will make your plantation ever green.

If you try to start this business in the tropical part of the country where rich soils are shallow, you will fail woefully. So get yourself a very fertile soil with mulch and compost.

(3) Get Your Soil Ready

If the land you acquired for the business has some trees on it, it is time to remove some of the tree and allow others to act as shelter for your plantation. You need some of the tree on the land to protect your plantain from excessive exposure to sunlight as this can cause them to wither.

(4) Plant Suckers & Weed Control

Plantain plant is not a tree or seed that can be grown like most trees. Plantain plants are grown from suckers.

Suckers are grown from a matured plantain plant. They can be transplanted and re-grown.

They are considered baby plants used in starting up new plantain plants. When considering getting a sucker, ensure they are from plants that are vigorous.

Another point to consider is weed control.

You can hire labourer to cut down the weed for you to take the stress off you and if you are just starting up, you can do this yourself.

You can sprinkle fertilizer every now and then to keep your plantation soil balanced and rich.

A very good brand of fertilizer to keep your plantation green is NPK fertilizer or any other brand that has potassium, phosphorous and Nitrogen.

In about 9 to 10 months, your plantain should be getting ready for harvest as another one will be replacing it.

Good News:

Plantain grow in circle removing any stressful expenses of planting again.

All you have to do is to harvest and reap your plantain all year round.

The same applies to Banana.

Watch the video below for ideas

Let me inspire you…

I have a friend who graduated from one of the top private universities in Nigeria.

He struggled a bit with finding a suitable job until he ventured into Plantain farming.

He is now a large scale farmer supplying plantain to food production firms in South Africa.

From this business, he built a mansion for himself and his parents. He is working on his own food production factory right as we speak.

The business is very lucrative and has huge earning potential.

Plantain farming in Nigeria and other part of Africa is another cash secret people tend to ignore.

Now that I have handed over to you another secret of making it, let me get back to my other duty.

Stay in touch for another lucrative business idea.

Don’t forget to follow us on Facebook and Twitter @ naijagists.

See you at the top.

Your partner in success.

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  1. Seth

    May 7, 2018 at 4:47 PM

    Please who is the person running this site, will like to know .
    Just curious

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  3. Danti

    May 8, 2018 at 6:58 AM

    Technology is powerful, without it we wouldn’t be able to see and learn this on the internet. It reminds me of lovely good old days in Ondo state, when we had those Babangida programs: DFRI, MAMSER, better life for rural Women etc. For me, this is the way to go, Agribusiness has the capacity to absorb most of our unemployed folks and also when supply out-foxed demand, food price will go down.

  4. gideon

    November 29, 2018 at 5:39 PM

    This is highy infomative …Really love dis piece. kudos

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