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How To Stop Overthinking And Worrying About Everything

how to stop overthinking quotes

How To Stop Overthinking And Worrying About Everything

To repeatedly think, continuously analyze and dwell too much on an issue or event is what is termed as overthinking. Overthinking and worrying, are a pair which commonly function together. When you overthink things and situations, you are definitely bound to worry about them.

Overthinking and worrying when it remains on normal levels is actually quite natural. Every now and again, everyone overthinks and worries over circumstances which they cannot necessarily change or control. This kind is a part of the human nature. However when both of these operate in a person at extreme levels, it is most often than not, a sign of a disorder; most likely, an overthinking or anxiety disorder. At this point, the affected party hardly ever takes a break from thinking; this in turn begins to negatively affect the individual.

Overthinking and worrying about every single thing including the most insignificant is a problem which is harmful mentally and physically. The affected party tends to easily lose focus as they are always busy worry and analyzing things that are out of their control. They also tend to have poor thoughts and imaginations towards themselves and their circumstances. They spend their present time overthinking the errors of the past and are quite pessimistic about the future. Overthinking can definitely be termed as a disorder on its own and it could as well be a by-product of an anxiety disorder.

Causes Of Overthinking

The major cause of overthinking could be the presence of a psychological disorder. Overthinking is a known symptom of disorders like anxiety, depression and obsessive compulsive disorders (OCD). But most often, it either leads to anxiety or results from it. Overthinking can only be termed a disorder when it disrupts your daily functions and activities.

How To Stop Overthinking About A Guy

Controlling your thoughts and reminding yourself of what you are worth helps you let it all go. First, rather than analyzing and going over his actions or inactions towards you in attempt to figure out if he really does care or like you in the same way, try telling him how you feel. If he doesn’t feel the same, it at least puts you out of your misery and helps you put him out of your mind. But most times, you are very much aware when a guy really doesn’t care for you and there is no need to ask. In all this, understand your worth. When you do, you know you don’t deserve careless treatments from anybody. You are strongly convinced you ought to be treated right and will therefore accept nothing less.

How To Stop Overthinking About A Girl

Being interested in a girl and wanting to know her better or wanting something deeper with her may cause some guys to overthink.  You want to please her, want her to like you and want her affection by any means necessary; even if it means compromising some of your standards. This kind of attitude will lead to an unhealthy relationship and is usually a product of not enough self love. When you learn to love and appreciate yourself, you tend to worry less and find it much easier to stop obsessing over a girl. You can move forward and be okay, even if she doesn’t return your feelings. When you love yourself, rather than bend over backwards to please her, knowing very well she doesn’t care, you find it easier to walk away in search of better options.

How To Stop Overthinking About The Past

We all know what it’s like to overthink and worry about events which are already in the past. Replaying a particular occurrence repeatedly, reliving your guilt, regrets and mistakes these are things familiar to us all. Your mind knows and understands that you can’t change things, but this still doesn’t stop it from going over them. The only way this can stop is if you choose to. Choose to let the past remain in the past where it should be, by trying some of these.

Seek Counsel

Seek the counsel of a professional or a close friend and confide in them about these past happenings that plague your mind. Talking about an issue has been proven to help reduce your worry over it. Talk about bad experiences, talk about your regrets and let these people help you walk through these feelings.

Forgive Yourself

You probably blame yourself or blame someone else for past happenings. This emotion solves nothing. Work at forgiving yourself, granted, things could have been done differently but acknowledge that it is in the past now. Suppressing your thoughts about the past only postpones your thoughts and worries. Bring it out, deal with it and move on. If your regrets and mistakes are fixable then try your best to do so. When you forgive yourself the past becomes easier to let go of.

How To Stop Overthinking At Night

At night you tend to go over everything that occurred during the day the good and the bad. Your mind processes and attempts to analyze the whole day’s events. Overthinking could hinder your sleep as it brings before you, negative thoughts and regrets of the day.

Talk To Someone

Sometimes a listening ear and a little word of encouragement could make a huge difference. When you speak to a loved one about your day and your thoughts are communicated to them, you ease the weight off yourself. They may even help you see the positive side of things and boost your positive thoughts.

Talk To Yourself

Have a little talk with yourself; sometimes your need to verbally rebuke your thoughts loud enough, so you listen to yourself. Tell yourself the events of the day have passed and the best you can do, is plan for a better tomorrow. Your actions or inactions of the day cannot be reversed, move forward. Advise yourself loudly and with love, like you would a friend.

How To Stop Overthinking In A Relationship

Nurturing a relationship that you believe will lead to something permanent is going to fill you up with a number of emotions. You are happy, at the same time scared that things may not turn out the way you want them to.

Overthinking in a relationship is sure going to cause a lot of difficulties for you and your partner. Not quickly addressing this issue can bring your greatest fear into reality, which in this case, is your partner getting fed up and abandoning the relationship.

When you overthink in a relationship you over analyze even the most insignificant details and read meaning into harmless actions and words. You also tend to blow things out of proportion and it would seem you are always gunning for a fight. Overthinking has to be stopped so it doesn’t turn your relationship sour and eventually kill it. These are some tricks you can try.

Stop And Enjoy The Present

Overthinking leaves you constantly worrying about the past or the future. You worry about the future of your relationship. You keep thinking about a future where your partner is no longer interested and walks away and before long, your imaginations begin to play out these scenarios which are not necessarily true. Take a break from this, stop entertaining such negativity and enjoy the good things happening now.

Build Your Self Confidence

It is said that overthinking is a pointer to low self esteem. You don’t feel you deserve something good; you don’t see why your partner should love you faithfully and not have the urge to leave you. So worry about these things.

Build yourself up with positive images and thoughts about yourself. Shake off your insecurities and pessimistic thoughts about your partner, yourself and your relationship. Address the reasons for your state of mind and deal with them from the root.

Consciously Stop Yourself From Overthinking

When you overthink, you basically obsess about everything. It takes you like a million years to type and send something as simple as a text. You keep switching words out and looking for the perfect tone. Should your partner fail to reply in a timely fashion or they seem to have read your chat and still haven’t replied, you begin to entertain all sorts of negative thoughts and emotions; as to why they haven’t called back or replied your message.  When they finally do, you practically open up each and every word of their message, trying to find something which isn’t there.

When the urge to over analyze and blow things out of proportions comes over you, take a few moments to consciously put a stop to such thoughts. Ask when you are in doubt, listen and give room for explanations. Exercise restraint and composure, logically process your thoughts and words towards your partner don’t be too quick to conclude in the negative.

Stop Repeatedly Seeking Relationship Advice

When you overthink your partners actions and behavior, it all becomes too much and you get stuck along the way. This could prompt you to seek out someone else’s opinion and that is okay, maybe once or twice. But when you begin seeking everybody’s opinion time and time again over the same things, it’s time to put a stop to it. Work with the hard evidences that you have before you and properly interpret your thoughts and emotions.

Communicate With Your Partner

Make your partner aware of your tendency to over-analyze and its origin, which is probably some past hurt or experience. Explain the issue at hand to your partner, so they understand the reasons for certain behaviors. Show your partner that you are making efforts to quit this behavior and take your efforts seriously. You should also learn how to communicate properly as a couple.

Get your thoughts and problems across in the right manner and don’t be afraid to state what bothers you and express your feelings.

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