Husband Disowns Wife & Daughter, Posts Advert On Guardian Newspaper


Husband Disowns Wife & Daughter

Feb 1, 2017 – Man Disowns Wife & Daughter In Osun State, Posts Advert On Guardian Newspaper

A civil servant in Osun state has publicly disowned his wife, Boladale Arike and daughter after DNA test revealed that his daughter, Enitan Olanike Keji was not his child.

The man identified as Mr Anthony Olaniran Igbaroola paid N400,000 to buy an ad space on Guardian Newspaper for this purpose.

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11 thoughts on “Husband Disowns Wife & Daughter, Posts Advert On Guardian Newspaper

  1. So why waste so much money because you want to ridicule your wife ,,at the same time you disgraced your daughter even if she is not your biological daughter…..You could have left everything to God.

  2. A doctor said it about 2 years ago that so many men in Nigeria are not the biological fathers of the children they thought are theirs and have seen them cry in his office. It is not only in Nigeria it happens here too in America, I mean a lot. Some women are more poisonous than snake. I know a guy here who discovered that the two children he has reared from childhood and post university are not his when they went for DNA test before they will be issued green card to travel to United States. The wayward wife have since left the house my friend furnished for her and the children. She is now used as a sex football by men who want to satisfy themselves. The children only know my friend as their father and he is still taking good care of them. Very good of him to still accept those children as his biologically after all he is the only father they know.

  3. Correct! He needs a National Award, 2017 idiot. No matter what might have happened. Hmm, na wa o. Arrant nonsense. He should be ashamed of himself, he has lost his valour.

  4. Oga, for the sake of the girl, you would have allowed sleeping dog to lie. Do you know the hurt you have caused that lady. Afterall, it is not her fault. If you wanted to settle scores with your wife, there are other ways instead of hurting this girl for no reason of her own. Why going to publish that the lady is not your daughter. What about people that adopt children and raise them. Man, you didn’t do right at all. Am not saying what the woman did is good but you would have considered the girl before taking this type of senseless action. I hope you will have time to read Uzoma’s comment. That is what you should have done. Afterall, the girl knew no other father but you.

  5. Some women are so useless and deserve not to have husband because they are dogs.They go around sleeping with different men,some for monetary value while some for fun and pleasure derives in the atrocity. How on hearth will a woman brought home a pregnancy that belongs to another man’s home. Such child is refers to as basters in Yoruba. Meaning OMO ale . it is barbaric. Its good for her to be publicly disgraced. Too bad.

  6. Since the advent of DNA tests as a medium of determining eligibility of immigration benefits by the western world for the parents whom their children were trying to adjust their status through them, a lots of hidden secret have been revealed. It really showed some Nigerians women are not sincere in their relationship.

    If you want to go as per Aristo level or date sugar daddy as a lady, please don’t try to bring kids into this. If you are ready to have children please make sure the man who sleep with you is the biological father for your kids. Some women have tried to play smart but it backfires. Uzoma, as you have said, I have a similar incidence where this man told his wife to take back three of her kids to their biological father in Nigeria. The first two belong to the man and the rest three belong to unknown. She has been lying to that man whenever that man visited Nigeria before he finally brought them over.

    The action of that woman has caused other three children to remain in the United States as undocumented alien because they could not obtain their green cards even if that man eventually agree they can stay with him those 3 kids will continue to live as illegal alien because they are living with illegitimate parents.

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