Husband Divorced Wife Who Insulted Their Landlord In Ekiti

husband divorced wife insulted landlord

Oct 31, 2013 – Husband Divorced Wife Who Insulted Their Landlord In Ekiti

Joseph Idowu, a 31-year-old man has divorced his wife of 5 years, Omolara who insulted their landlord while settling a dispute.

Joseph filed for divorce from his wife and the mother of his 2 children on August 31st, 2013 at a Customary Court in Ikole Ekiti.

He told the court that Omolara insulted his landlord when he was trying to settle a dispute between the couple, and later moved out of his house because she got annoyed for being corrected.

The woman, who denied the allegation, gave her evidence on oath to the effect that she did not insult their landlord.

She accused the plaintiff of conniving with the landlord to sack her by giving flimsy excuses, so that he could get another wife.

Omolara stated that she packed out of her matrimonial home because of her husband’s habit of beating her, and to escape being killed.

She, however, consented to the divorce and prayed for the custody of her second child who was a year and nine months old.

The president of the court, Mrs Yemisi Ojo, dissolved the marriage.

She upheld the prayer of the defendant on the custody of the second child and ordered both parties to be jointly responsible for the care, maintenance, support and education of the second child.

She ordered that the plaintiff should single-handedly cater for the need of the first child in his custody.

It’s obvious this man is out of love for his wife.

How can he file for divorce because she insulted the Landlord?

8 thoughts on “Husband Divorced Wife Who Insulted Their Landlord In Ekiti

  1. Tade cant you read? So you want that husband who no longer loves her to kill her one day abi… she was running away from the beatings.

  2. @Tade i dont like abusing people on social media. Do u support what some men are doing dis days? If so pls repent from it. God is watching us. Men dis days feel dere are everything and d woman around u is a fool, it only d men dat have d ultimate right to cheat on their wives but d woman wont try dat. How i wish is possible for God to undo marriages. To cancel it once and for all from d human race. God have mercy on us poor women.

  3. He didn’t file because she insulted the landlord,he did because he may have been planing to do so and hold that ad an excuse.he is the father of all cowards.

  4. He has a mistress he has been seeing and was waiting for the opportunity if not insulting the landlord is not enough reason after all what right has the landlord to dictate in their marriage. The man does not love her.

  5. to me she would have keep the custody of her two children, sinnce both of them are still under age, and need a mothers present in their lives.while the man is ment to take care of them 100%,financialy.

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