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I Say Goodbye Nigeria, Give Us Oduduwa Or Let Us Die By Femi Fani Kayode


I Say Goodbye Nigeria, Give Us Oduduwa Or Let Us Die By Femi Fani Kayode

femi fani kayode oduduwa

May 18, 2014 – I Say Goodbye Nigeria, Give Us Oduduwa Or Let Us Die By Femi Fani Kayode

“If they ever tell my story let them say I walked with giants. Men rise and fall like the Winter wheat but these names will never die… let them say I lived in the time of Hector, tamer of horses…let them say I lived in the time of Achilles”- the Iliad, Homer.

The words of Odysseus in Homer’s epic and ancient poem titled ”The Iliyad” have always moved me. Those words are deep and profound: they stir my soul and rekindle my spirit.

They speak of and reflect the essence of Ancient Greece with it’s rich and exciting history, it’s extraordinary heroes and heroines and it’s all-powerful and all-knowing gods, titans and immortals. How I wish that I could conjure up such great and powerful words about the history of my nation Nigeria and her heroes past. How I wish that the Nigerian people had their own Odysseus’ , Achilles’, Agamemnons and Hectors.

How I wish they had their own ancient poets and great thinkers like Socrates, Plato, Aristotle and Homer who could remind generations to come about our past exploits with their inspiring, compelling and historic prose.

Yet I look at the Nigeria of today and I am not encouraged or inspired. As a matter of fact I am deeply saddened. I see no heroes on the horizon but only questionable pretenders and fallen caricatures that have sold their heritage and destiny for a mess of pottage and that couldn’t give a fig about what history or posterity will say about them or their country. Many have asked why I should say such things. Permit me to answer that pertinent question by posing a few of my own.

I start by asking: is this the Nigeria of Murtala Mohammed and Theophilius Danjuma? Is this the nation that helped to liberate Angola, Mozambique, Zimbabwe and South Africa?

Is this the nation that restored sanity and stability to Sierra Leonne, that brought an end to a civil war in Liberia, that fought so gallantly in Burma and Somalia and that quelled a military coup in Sao Tome and Principe?

Is this the nation whose wealth once knew no bounds and whose middle class once owned the finest cars and properties in London, Paris and New York? Is this the nation whose beautiful people once graced the streets of Belgravia, Chelsea, Hampstead and Knitsbridge?

Is this the country that once nationalized BP and that gave Margaret Thatcher sleepless nights over apartheid South Africa ? Is this the nation that once stood up to the mighty Boers and whose ancestors studied at Oxford and Cambridge as far back as the 1800’s?

Is this the nation whose inhabitants and various ethnic nationalities once ruled vast empires and whose progenitors contributed so much to the traditions, religion and culture of Ancient Egypt?

Is this the country that once fought a bitter and brutal civil war, yet declared ”no victor, no vanquished” and, in the spirit of love, came back as one? Is this the country which has been through thick and thin and yet whose people remained ever so resilient and always put a smile on their faces?

Is this the country where giants once held court and where the greats of old once presided? Where did we go wrong? What has happened to our people and what has afflicted our country? When did our leaders become spineless cowards and deceivers? When did the green white green of our nation’s flag become soiled with human faeces and when was it torn to shreds?

When did we shy away from fighting our own battles and prosecuting our own wars? When did we start bowing our heads in shame as events unfold in our country? When did we start sitting down silently as international newscasters speak about our nation in painful, disdainful, hushed and condescending tones?

What has happened to the ever courageous, ever smiling, ever confident and ever dependable Nigerian who shook the world with his arrogance and confidence and who spoke of his nation with pride and joy?

What has happened to our great army that was once the pride of Africa and that once made us so proud? What has happened to our great intellectuals and our men and women of courage and vision who once, like a collosus, bestrode the world?

What has happened to the stubborn and proud yet warm, friendly and profoundly good people that Nigerians once were? What has happened to the people that were once regarded as the hope of Africa and the pride of every black man on the planet?

Where and when did we go astray? How and when did it all go wrong? When did we lose our strength, our wealth, our honour and our power? When did we lose our excellence, our confidence, our dignity and our self-respect? When did we become so weak and so helpless? When did we turn into killers, savages and barbarians?

When did we become so pitiful that the whole world mocks us and heaps insults on us so easily? When did they start saying that we have ”no serious government”, that we have ”lost control of large portions of our nation” and that we can’t even protect our own children? When did we become incapable of defending our borders and protecting our people?

When did we turn into a laughing stock and a reference point for incompetence, stupidity, cowardice, ignorance, evil, cluelessness and all that is bad to the rest of the world?

When did other nations start giving us lessons on how to fight insurgency and how to prosecute our wars? When did our people start clamouring for foreign armies to enter our land, violate our sovereignty and march on our sacred soil?

When did we start having to ask others to come and solve our local problems? O Nigeria, how are the mighty fallen. Truly ours is a nation afflicted. She is finished and there is little hope of any form of redemption or resurrection.

The honeymoon is over and the glory has departed. One hundred years of a forced and failed marriage has ended in a bitter yet undeniable divorce. We have lost it all and there is no going back. Those that wish to break up our nation for sport and bring our people to their knees have had their way.

Those that wish to watch us slaughter one another in an orgy of mindless violence and that wish to establish their AFRICOM in our shores will soon be here and we shall be occupied forever.

O Nigeria, how are the mighty fallen. I loved Nigeria but now I have stopped believing in her. She is saddled with many different sub- nations that were simply incompatible right from the start.

She is plagued and cursed with one particular sub-nation whose ruling elite are dangerous and unyielding, whose guile and deceit is second to none, who treat their own people with contempt and derision, who believe that they were born to rule, who think that power belongs to them, who suppress the religious and ethnic minorities within their ranks and who were taught from an early age that there was none besides them. Those people have killed Nigeria. They and those who have consistently bowed and trembled before them and who have always allowed them to have their way.

Our nation has become a cruel joke- she is a maliciously contrived contraption that has shattered many dreams and frustrated many ambitions and aspirations. This was a country that was created for the benefit of just a few at the cost of the misery and pain of so many.

I will never accept the idea of living in a nation side by side with religious extreemists who slit the throats of children, who habitually slaughter the innocents and who abduct and fornicate with small girls. Animals have no place in the homes of men.

It is time for us to stop pretending: let the terrorists and their friends in high places break away and establish their own country where they can marry as many young girls as they please and chop off as many limbs as they want. Let them form a nation where they can stone adulterers and turn women into chattels that are not even worthy of life.

Let those of us from the west establish Oduduwa and let us celebrate and enjoy our freedom from the bondage and ineptitude of a cruel failed state that has no soul and that lacks humanity and compassion.

Let us be liberated from the deceit that is known as Nigeria: a nation that once was but that is no more. Let us be free of Nigeria: a nation where injustice, evil, persecution, insensitivity, impunity, terror, graft and wickedness reign supreme.

Let us be rid of Nigeria: a country where those of us that had the misfortune of being born on the ”wrong” side of the regional divide or who are adherents of the ”wrong” religious faith are butchered for our heritage and can never be treated as equals. Give us Oduduwa or let us die.

Yet we will eventually take our freedom by force if it is not freely given to us. We shall take it by fire: by the shedding of blood and by our own bleeding if necessary. We will take it by fire and by sacrificing our lives if that is what we are forced to do.

What we will never do is continue to live in perpetual slavery in a nation called Nigeria that is afflicted with feeble rulers and peopled by religious bigots, sexual deviants and bloodthirsty terrorists.

We shall not allow ourselves to be consumed by the weakness and ineptitude of our present-day rulers and the sheer incompetence of those that do not have the courage or the moral authority to crush the beasts that have abducted and enslaved our girls.

I have had enough. I say goodbye Nigeria: give us Oduduwa or let us die.



  1. Yomade Jude

    May 18, 2014 at 8:46 PM

    I sense tribal sentiment not genuine feeling for nigeria

    • anonymous

      May 19, 2014 at 2:28 AM

      What is Nigeria without the different “tribes”? The marriage is not working. Why continue to deceive ourselves?

    • Yusufu Abdullahi

      May 20, 2014 at 2:41 PM

      I totally agreed with you. What we should do with this guy is allowed him **** as a Nigerian and then creminate him and throw his ashes into the Atlantic Ocean towards Brazil since he does not love Nigeria cannot be patriotic to trust him. Enough is enough.

  2. Charles O.

    May 18, 2014 at 8:50 PM

    This man has spoken the truth: let Nigeria be divided for peace to reign. We wish to retain the pride of being the biggest, the largest, the strongest, and the most populous in Africa, but at the expense of our peace, unity, and souls. Hmmmm. Well. There is God ooo…

  3. mee

    May 18, 2014 at 9:15 PM

    l support your write up, we cannot continue to pretend while our children, men and women are being slaughtered. Everybody is denying that Boko Haram leader is not a moslem but someone somewhere taught him extremism and that is what he is displaying now. l cannot wait to join this path o ye Nigeria, land of blood.


    May 18, 2014 at 10:45 PM

    You couldn’t describe the mess we find ourselves in Nigeria any better, its time to let the terrorists north go their saparate ways where they can continue to slutter themselves like animals. It is what they have bargained for when they all declared shariah a few years back. How were they to finance effective Shariah when you have to go cup in hand for monthly pittance from Abuja; what resources do the north have independent of what comes from the south to anable a Sharia in its true sense.

    Give Abuja to the North and let’s see how many international organisations and major world embassies will choose to remain there to deal with resourceless dryland north with senseless terrorists incursions at their doorsteps. Abuja remains what it is today because the nation Nigeria gives it that status and legitimacy. I can assure the Northerners clamouring for Abuja that the city will remain the largest battleground ever seen on the continent of Africa and ofcourse biggest concrete jungle ever created by man. How could we continue to live with terrorists tribe under the guise of one nation. Its time the State of Oduduwa is realised so that we can choose to develop at our own pace without the deliberate retardations of progress of South Western Nigeria under a bogus “Federal Character” policy meant to slow down other peoples’ developments.

    • mulikat

      May 19, 2014 at 11:17 AM

      This marriage is not working,only if we pretend,we cant live with people,that want to take us backward to 2000yrs, western education is a sin people,people that marry kids, slaughtered human,simple beacuse they are not their tribes or religion,or going to school,even nurse that give visnation.give us our Oduduwa country peacefull,or by force by fire,we only die once and our next generations in new Oduduwa country with have a better future,where all religion live side by side,it alwasy like that in yourbas people every family u find muslim,christian and traditional belivers and no wahala.then the S,east will follow, S.south will follow and Middel belt will follow, and live the far north their Boko Harm sharia country and close down all their school,hospitals e.t.c dont forget to cut off telephones is western education that bring ,so is a sin.Crime go to Rerferdum,and we all will vote 1000% yes to break up from this so call Nigeria,give them Abuja, we have our capital b4 Lagos for Oduduwa country,Niger-delta country, Port harcourt,S.east Biafira Enugu capital and Midel Belt- Jos. finish,that will be the best day of my life after my birthday, i will always celebirty that day we break off from Nigeria, bad name, no job, corruption, terrorists country, rapeing childrend, slaughtering human throast, 419, kidnappers, Ritualist,no light e.t.c all bad things u name it nigeria is nr.1. we form new country with new Laws all this old Corrupt leaders in former nigeria will never rule Oduduwa again and all thier children ,cos they have that blood of corruption in them, corruption death,419,ritualist,kidnapping all death in our new country, finially 24 o 7 light,small Gahana have light so call super power of africa no light.back to time of Awolowo free education and free medicine for old ,children and pregants women, i know some few state in S.west old and pregant women are free in hospital.or we rest Nigeria form 1 country without far north,give them abuja and sharia boko harm country and nigeria name to eat,we chioce another new name,is time now,Mr.President stop waesting ut time, no elecetion in 2015,u are the last President of Nigeria, u can be for Niger-delta,if we break into parts,but not this world again.i will try and form Internet forums to start this Rerferdums things of breakup.

  5. #onenigeria

    May 18, 2014 at 11:09 PM

    To a very large extent, I agree with the idea that everyday Nigeria takes one step away from its glory days, but cannot wrap my mind around the suggestion that all hope is lost in our search for redemption. Like most problems, there are solutions to the ones that face Nigeria, and the best way to achieve this is to set aside our differences and progress as one Nation. May the labor of our heroes past not be in vain. God bless Nigeria

  6. rita

    May 18, 2014 at 11:25 PM

    I always like to read your brave writeup, anytime anyday. you are a blessing to this nation. I support all that you have said. we can not live side by side with these religious bigots who derive pleasure in killing and maiming innoceny people in the name of their god. God bless you fani.

  7. Danti

    May 18, 2014 at 11:42 PM

    There is no tribal tone in this, there is no need to display mental indiscipline here; Nigeria is a complete disappointment. The enemies of this country cannot stand positive development, they are anti- modernity and would do anything to arrest the situation. What I would like to see is SW and SE governors forming indefatigable alliance that would send final notice to other folks across the rivers( Niger& Benue). When you speak of Nigerian intellectuals in America and Europe, they are from these two wonderful regions in Nigeria. Enough is enough! Say no to 9th century mentality.

  8. Ruth

    May 19, 2014 at 12:13 AM

    What happened to Our great country Nigeria,Mr FFK is curruption!dat u are a part of!!!!good ideologies you promote but lack character and credibilty to project…….what differentiates u from d pretenders? Nigerians want to see Leadership not tuk tuk people like u! No be so far i tuk…….dat link don expire

  9. Mon

    May 19, 2014 at 2:04 AM

    You said the truth but it’s really unfortunate that few leaders who knows this truth has already been bought off, Nigeria do not have leader anymore,rather,puppets since the second time of OBJ,The plan of their masters has already materialized. How many Nigerians know what is AFRICOM and their agenda?,they decided to keep them in darkness so that no access to information except the ones they edited. I am still hopeful and believed this is a turning point. The Almighty GOD will put them to shame. We may not have drone or fighter Jets, but prayer is the key.

  10. red

    May 19, 2014 at 5:02 AM

    For the first time since I heard and knew who the face and body that goes by the name femi (FFK) I felt like kissing you,lifting you high up on my shoulder for all to see and know and fixing your name in Nigeria national anthem for such brilliant and powerful write up that is all the truth and reality.

    But,I can’t do all this i wished to do because is not yet time for that,this is a time that demands for UNITY from every breathing Nigerians both home and abroad,our brothers and sisters live in fear and suspends in the north,their blood and tear now wet the soil,they need help,they need attention,they need us now than never before.

    I love the idea and sound of this division,if you are not happy in a married and your life is at stake,the best decision is to leave,but if the relationship produced children and cry out in pain from the beast that you married,no matter where you are,get your friends,save your children and if possible kill that HUSBAND that brought pain to you and your children,set them free,make sure THAT FATHER AND HUSBAND THAT HAVE BEING RAPING YOU AND THE KIDS DIE AND STAY DEAD BEFORE YOU BID THOSE KIDS GOODBYE TO THEIR OWN LIFE,if not you can never be save or free in your new house because the beast is out to destroy and out of control,is like a car that lost it’s brake.

    Let us put things aside for now and free those whose blood and life mean nothing to this beast people,Not everybody from the north are bad,Some of them are not and will never be in support of this walking evil,not all the Muslims are bad,not all of them kills,some of those that lost their lives are also northern people.Boko haram is a senseless group formed by those that have nothing in life to live for,the never do good of the society that hate people’s progress,the sadist and the rejected project from evil because the devil himself is ashamed of their lives.lets join hands and lend our voice and knowledge to help our brothers and sisters in bondage after which everybody should bear his father’s name and lineage.
    we cursed celebrities that celeb their riches for not helping the less privileges,let’s not be those celebrities that celeb a different state while our brothers and sisters in the north die for nothing .JOIN HANDS AND FIGHT THIS EVIL,WASH OFF THE BLOOD OFF THE NIGERIA SURFACE BEFORE IT BECOMES THE FOUNDATION THEN WE CAN ENJOY AND CELEBRATE OUR NEW LIFE.THANKS VERY MUCH FFK .

  11. obinna

    May 19, 2014 at 5:09 AM

    During the nigeria civil war, Biafrans were busy fighting for their Sovereignty and ***** were busy sending their children to england to study, today i keep woundering what happened to those of them that went to london to study, because all i see around are educated *****. you think you can claim the properties of the *** in lagos? hahhahaha. anyway good morning fani for waking up too late, because what you are seeing now, the ***s saw it before *******

  12. G-boy

    May 19, 2014 at 8:57 AM

    My dear Obinna na only u talk sence in dis commnt, yoruba now also like to have fredom, why dat whn our brother told dem to fight 4 it b4 bairan war, dey are d one dat go told killer people worship our plan, i am very happy dat dey seen d result now, and dey havent see yet till biafra go, and it remain dem and holtas, is dat time dey will see hw honters worship will start killing dem like DCMBA goad!

  13. AK

    May 19, 2014 at 10:10 AM

    I have said this before and many commentators in this forum disagreed with me on the need to amicably have the nation divided for the sake of peace. People who witnessed the biafra war can only tell you the effects it had on the citizens of this beautiful nation.

    Having the country divided could be the start of many internal divisions if not handled properly yes we know, but what is the point in having a nation with nepotism. Political appointments are tribalised, ethnic divisions, religious divisions. A country with no tangible political parties, no meaninful manifestoes, no credible but laughable leaders.

    The separation will bring the true personalities in every tribe and whatever the outcome let the regions live with its decisions. Federalism seems not to be working for this country anymore.

    Either good or bad we should think and re-think and am sure peace will come when we do what is right for the sake of the unborn.

  14. James Brown

    May 19, 2014 at 10:27 AM

    @ FFK for the first time u spoke my mind. Iam tired of claimng one Nigeria where Hausa/Fulani, boko haram people is killing Innocent people in this Country. Let Every man answer his father’s name abeg.

  15. Viergelove

    May 19, 2014 at 10:32 AM

    Our politicians are illiterate; the average Nigerian doesn’t know the impact of their country’s resources in all ramifications. Now, they say that Nigeria is predominantly Muslim North and Christian south. And that is the problem: Nigeria is not divided into 2regions; there is nothing like southern and northern Nigeria. So, they judged that if this year produces a northern leader, the next year should produce a southern leader. And, the people buy it, even the politicians.
    A civilian rule without a define constitution is a hoax. There had never been a time in the history of Nigeria that a matter was legally and impartially handled in a law court, standing firmly on the constitution. Thus, the many students today practicing law in Nigeria are more or less like zombies. For, there is no law in Nigeria; how would they therefore manifest, exercise their practice.
    Xenophobic regional dominance in politics is the system by which Nigeria is piloted these days.
    The Middle Belt, Eastern Nigeria, Western Nigeria, South-South Nigeria, Northern Nigeria has all lost their identity. They made a mistake in not rewriting the constitution of the country in the wake of this so called democratic dispensation.
    Nigeria, the once home of our ancestors, the land of peace and liberty that is so much remember in the history of Africa, has become vampire’s dwelling.
    The children go to school and fabric into cultism, dying untimely and destroying their future.

  16. banji

    May 19, 2014 at 11:27 AM

    ffk, u are ojukwu of our time and u will fail as he failed in his biafra compaign, why we nigerians will see A and call it Z, so painful that u reasoned out of control, check ur brain if u ar still in order. it is tie for us to unite together and fight this blood sucking devilish boko haram. u hear? in unity we stand , divided we fall. sub-sector can not be more powerful than major sector i.e minor affecting major this is a slap on our face as a country. so painful that microscopic few of boko haram is putting 160 million population in pitiable pitma pitma. i refuse to be derailed by this boko Haram’s trick. others may be carried away like U(fani AND CO.) but for me i will protect my God given amiable country. NIGERIA U WILL NOT FALL IN MY GENERATION , i pledge to nigeria my country to be faith ful , loyal and honest, to serve nigeria with all my strenght, to defend her unity and uphold her glory and honour , so help me God. amen

  17. Lekan Lawal

    May 19, 2014 at 11:51 AM

    God assist us to do the right thing. Save Nigeria God

  18. Saphire

    May 19, 2014 at 5:41 PM

    Awwsh i feel like crying….which way nigeria???…..but ffk u are one of the biggest problem nigeria is having now….u are a tribalist to the core but this ur writeup make sense die….BIAFRA LOADING 60%

  19. kelly

    May 19, 2014 at 8:14 PM

    Broz diz na wrong time 4 all diz Heroic Speech unfortunately u are in the era of Jonny! Come 2 think. About it if we’ve Odudua it will still be a case of Barrack remain bcox 4 sure na Yoruba+Hausa de promote d islamic Agenda (APC) d Tinubu’s of our land now tell me aw ar we suppose 2 av a religious free Odudua?

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