Ibinabo To Mr Ibu, “I Don’t Beg Governors For Money Like U”; John Okafor Fires Back “U’re A Small Girl”

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July 27, 2014 – Mr Ibu Replies Ibinabo “You Have  3 Cases In Court, U’re Not Qualified As AGN President”

Ibinabo To Mr Ibu, “I Don’t Beg Governors For Money Like You”, John Okafor Fires Back “U Have 3 Cases In Court”

AGN President Fiberesima Ibinabo recently replied Mr Ibu after he called her our over the problem facing the Actors’ Guild of Nigeria.

Read Ibinabo’s reply to Ibu below and his response after

“Which money is he talking about? That is why I said he is detached from the realities on ground. When we went to visit the President, there was no money promised to anybody. We didn’t go there to beg for money as Mr. Ibu is used to doing; we didn’t do that. They push you to the extent that you say things that you don’t want to. I’m not about money, for once they should stop and think, see what my team and I have achieved in two years.”

“Mr. Ibu cannot vote for me, he does not have the power to do that. He cannot even run for office because he is not a member, and I was expecting to see the names of the members whom he referred to because I don’t know them, and I hope they are members of the Guild because we have actors who are not members.
You should not because of your interest in a name feel you can come out and talk off point to become relevant. When people say people should have education, it is for this kind of reason so they will know how to speak in public.

They think running to the press and running me down on Facebook and others will deter me. No. I was not brought up like that, I’m a very thorough breed. I will do what I have to do to get to where I am going. It is the love that I get from people whose lives I have touched that keeps me going, not those who don’t know where they are going, because every sentence they make is money, where is the money?”


“I was the chief coach for AGN for four years. If I’m not a member, why would I be appointed? She is just looking for something to hold. The issue is that she is a small girl, she doesn’t know anything and I was trying to correct her but she was seeing it as if I was abusing her.

“I am not abusing her; she is a good person, I must tell you. But she does not know what administration is all about, she should leave it. I’m only respecting her because of the people who are connected to how she became the president of the Guild, otherwise I would have told her straight that she can’t do it.

“How can she be the president of AGN and all the states have two chairmen each and she cannot resolve the conflict and the Board of Trustees is not in order. They are not one and she cannot resolve it?

“She selects people and gives them post. It is not proper and she is killing herself the more. If she cannot rule, let her come down. Everything about this Guild is what you know.”

“I have never been to Aso Rock before, so I don’t even know how the buildings are. If she wants to go for second term, no problem but I told her instead of going there to make more enemies for herself, let her stop. If she wants to go, it’s not my business. Was I the one that took her to court? She has about three cases lying in the court as I speak to you. I’m not the one that took her to court. I don’t pretend.”

10 thoughts on “Ibinabo To Mr Ibu, “I Don’t Beg Governors For Money Like U”; John Okafor Fires Back “U’re A Small Girl”

  1. If she is acting like a girl, Mr ibu is also acting like a boy by trading words wif her. Grow up two of una

  2. Mr Imbu or wat do u call ur name, if you don’t have any reason or point that is reasonable than telling people that the woman is a Small Girl, then I advice u to engage urself with something good that will gives u more respect than disrespecting urself.

    • Typical Ibo man who thinks a woman is incapable of achieving anything without a man instructing her on how to go about things. Leave Ibinabo alone to do her job.

  3. Well, wetin can I be say for here? You all that are comment is make error. Mr Ibu is only say to Ibinabo buying the maturing, while the Ibinabo is replys him for tie mangorship.

  4. Am not close to Mr ibu in real life bt am close to his actings. Mr Ibu is always a foolish man in movies, could it b that that’s wat he iz in real life? I dnt think so. May sbdy pls ask Mr ibu these questions: do u wana b d AGN president? 2. U wer the coach for 4yrs, let us kno ur achievmnts. In anycase, i can’t judge bc I only kno dt agn xists, nothing mor about Actors guide of Nig… However, Ib, wy 3cases in court?

  5. U must b very stupid to call mr ibu…dat girl is a little bitch nd agn is far more bigger than her, she should go nd luk 4 som beta job. Useless idiot a prostitute

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