Iceberg Slim: The 3 Charms Juliet Ibrahim Used To Get Me

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Saturday Feb 17, 2018 – Iceberg Slim: I Love Juliet Ibrahim Because She Is Smart & Beautiful

See excerpt of Juliet Ibrahim’s boyfriend, Nigerian rapper Iceberg slim’s recent interview with TS Weekender

You and Juliet have matching tattoos. What do the tattoos mean to you?

The tattoos are a symbol of our love for each other hence the ‘LO’ on my arm, and the ‘VE’ on hers. Put it together and you get ‘LOVE’.

You come across as an adventurous guy. What is the craziest thing you ever did?

The craziest thing I ever did was in my music video, Oluwa. I sat at the edge of a cliff. I could have fallen to my death but I enjoyed the adrenaline rush. Life is about taking risks, isn’t it?

Any plans to go into movies like your lover, Juliet?

I don’t know what the future holds but for now, I am focused on the music. However, I took acting classes in High School, maybe, one day I will showcase what I have learned.

Are you not jealous Juliet Ibrahim is always in the limelight? You know, men are jealous lovers.

I am not the jealous type. Also, where there is love and trust, I believe there should be no jealousy.

What part of her anatomy do you find most exciting?

I find her brain to be the most exciting. She is so talented, creative and intelligent.

You guys are both very busy pursuing your careers. Don’t you think this could hinder your relationship?

No, I do not believe so. People make time for the things they care about, and they make time for the people they love.

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