“I’ll Return To Nigeria Soon” – Says Ailing IBB From Germany Hospital Bed

ibb hospital bed

Oct 8, 2014 – “I’ll Return To Nigeria Soon” – Says Ailing IBB Babangida From Germany Hospital Bed

Ex-military ruler Ibrahim Babangida who was recently airlifted to Germany for medical treatment is set to return to Nigeria any moment from now.

General Babangida, who spoke on telephone with journalists at Governor Muazu Babangida Aliyu’s Tunga residence in Minna yesterday when General Abdulsalami Abubakar paid the governor a Sallah homage said,”I am now well and will be back to Nigeria very soon.”

He however didn’t provide a specific return date.

While speaking through Gen Abdulsalami’s phone, IBB said “I miss all of you, I wish you all Barka de Sallah. I am better now and I will be back in few days’ time.

The two former military leaders normally pay Sallah homage on the state governor annually but this year, General Babangida is currently receiving treatment in a foreign country.

This past week, Niger Governor Aliyu sent delegates to visit Babangida in Germany.

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  1. We dont need u o, U all ruined nigeria of today… you made lots of people to travel out of our Mothers land incluiding me. FOOL like u.

  2. I no he go return. In Germany no body is above de law but in 9ja some piple are above de law. Y he no go return ?

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