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Impeachment Threat: President Jonathan Warns APC Party Leaders


Impeachment Threat: President Jonathan Warns APC Party Leaders

president jonathan impeachment apc party

December 15, 2013 – Impeachment Threat: President Jonathan Warns APC Party Leaders

Here is an official letter received from the Presidency in Abuja this afternoon over an impeachment move against Jonathan from the leaders of All Progressives Congress, APC party.

We have noted with utter disdain, the reckless and irresponsible call by the APC on Sunday for the National Assembly to commence impeachment proceedings against President Goodluck Jonathan.

Ordinarily, we would not have dignified Alhaji Lai Mohammed’s latest vituperations in the service of his paymasters with a response, but we thought it necessary to warn that the Federal Government will not standby idly and let the nation be plunged into unnecessary crises and political instability because of the desperation and apparent readiness of the APC spokesman and his gang of power-seeking desperadoes to sacrifice the well-being of the country on the altar of their selfish personal ambitions.

The Presidency totally condemns the decision by Alhaji Mohammed and his party to move further beyond the bounds of honourable and acceptable political conduct with the senseless call for the impeachment of a President who continues to sincerely devote himself to the discharge of the sacred mandate freely given to him by Nigerians.

The APC, which remains a minority party with doubtful credentials in the National Assembly, knows fully well that its attempt to hector and blackmail a Parliament dominated by loyal members of the President’s party, the PDP, into an impeachment process, will come to nothing.

But it has cavalierly embarked on this outrageous gambit, with scant regard for peace, order, security and political stability in the country, in furtherance of its dastardly and heinous strategy of over-heating the polity and working to cause public disaffection against the Jonathan Presidency with lies, false accusations and unjustifiable indictments ahead of the 2015 general elections.

The emptiness and hollowness of the APC’s call for President Jonathan’s impeachment will be obvious to all objective and discerning Nigerians who read through the statement issued by Alhaji Mohammed today. It was long on self-serving rhetoric and falsehoods, but lacked a single clearly defined charge on the basis of which any plausible impeachment proceedings against the President can be initiated.

All that the APC could offer in justification of its absurd and hare-brained impeachment call was a rehash of its well-worn litany of baseless accusations against the President, including some for which culpability should be laid squarely at the doorsteps of its own leaders and some of their new friends.

The Presidency also considers it utterly deplorable that the APC has, in its Machiavellian desperation to seize control of the Federal Government, recklessly assailed the integrity and honour of the Nigerian Judiciary in a callous attempt to pre-empt the outcome of the case legitimately brought against it by some of its new friends by the PDP.

Alhaji Mohammed’s unscrupulous effort to drag the nation’s judiciary into its murky political warfare and his readiness to intimidate and blackmail members of the bench so as to secure a favourable outcome for his party in the pending case clearly shows that nothing is beyond the pale for him and the APC in pursuit of their quest for power.

The Jonathan Administration does not need Lai Mohammed or the APC to remind it of its constitutional responsibility for the security and well-being of Nigerians. The President will continue to do his utmost best to achieve positive national transformation in all areas in spite of efforts by the opposition to thwart or disparage the work of his administration.

In this regard, we have noted the undisguised threat by the APC to foster public insurrection against the Federal Government if pending legal cases go against it. We urge Nigerians to take special note of this boastful indication of an intention to resort to lawlessness.

The Presidency warns that the APC and any persons who make themselves its willing tools for the breach of public order and safety will be made to face the full sanctions of the law. Those who are threatening fire and brimstone should be ready for consequences of treasonable action.

The APC’s false copy-cat allegation that 1, 000 snipers are being trained by the Jonathan Administration clearly shows that they are now in cahoots with some other elements who are bent on discrediting this administration and inciting the public against it.

President Jonathan is running a people’s government. He does not need any snipers. His legitimacy comes from the people. Those who are alleging the existence of snipers should step forward and provide the evidence or shut up forever and go down in history as spineless cowards, driven by sheer greed and indecency.
We dismiss the APC’s call for the President’s impeachment as opportunistic, partisan and ill-motivated.
We call on patriots to make the necessary distinction between such reckless violations of civic duty and the urgent need to protect the integrity of the Nigerian nation against those who for selfish reasons have declared their readiness to stop at nothing.

Reuben Abati
Special Adviser to the President
(Media & Publicity)

December 15, 2013




    December 15, 2013 at 11:23 PM

    When has under the Nigerian constitution a legitimate impeachment of a non performing Government become a treasonable offence. This PDP fools are spoilt for power and whether they like it or not the time for regime change is up and Nigerians cannot wait for the day to arrive. PDP are nation wreckers.

    • MOSES

      December 15, 2013 at 11:41 PM

      As if Nigeria has not seen enough tumoil in the past and some selfish elements in Jonathan’s government still want to try the wills of Nigerians. Let the impeachment process begin and let the treasonable prosecutions follow and let’s see how Jonathan will handle the civil strife that comes after; with his already failed results of Boko Haram menace of North East.


    December 16, 2013 at 2:05 AM

    The reason these people are distracting GEJ is not far fetched. They simply don’t want him to perform so he won’t be able to seek for election come 2015.
    They saw the rate at which the man started his administration and they know if he continue like this it will smell doom for them, so they have to make sure they distract him as much as they can.
    This man they claim is clueless and incompetent create and fund 12 new federal universities, Almajiri System of education for my people, rehabilitate the railway system, all the major airport are being upgraded to international standard, new roads are being constructed, power is being attended to with every strenght that it need…now, it has been successfully privatised, banking system is now working good, the econmic is even better than most developed countries, new jobs are being created, he is fighting corruption that he did not created at the first instance.
    So, what are they complaining about?
    For all this cry that power should come back to us northerners in 2015 is the niggest joke of the century.
    We are wiser now than before when our leaders are in power and they render us poor so we could be at their beck and calls.
    God bless Nigeria
    God bless the president
    God bless the good people of Nigeria.


      December 16, 2013 at 11:00 AM

      Usman Bayero, I can see clearly now; your mentality is to continue to live in servetude, no wonder your zone still remain the poorest in Nigeria after many years of northern rulership which you claim did not benefit your zone.
      Nigeria is the second largest economy in Africa and the biggest oil & gas producer in Africa and yet ordinary Nigerians sleep and wake in up hungry. Those 12 universities you mentioned cannot physically be described or qualify to be secondary school in Ghana and elsewhere. If you surrendered your sovereignty at a poll to politicians and you get peanut in exchange; unfortunately that is not the wish of millions of Nigerians who continue to toil in vein just to keep up with existence.

  3. Andrew

    December 16, 2013 at 8:00 AM

    For me this so called Lai muhamed is tero and if not boko haram agent,pls mr President,this man lai is an ememy of peace,a caward,an illitrate fool that is been used by this pass leaders that failed nigerian in the pass,pls mr presido don’t mind them but concentrate on ur developmental and transformation agenda,God is ur shield from this oppressors.

  4. T Boy

    December 16, 2013 at 8:23 AM

    Too much grammar! That is what we read and hear all day from our leaders”Marchiavellian,vituperations” and what have you! They deceive Nigerians everyday. They mismanage and loot public funds and they say it is missing. Why is the Jonathan’s administration afraid of impeachment? He is right claiming he was voted by Nigerians(that he has disappointed anyways)but the same people who voted you then are tired of your incapacity to move this country forward or at least maintain the course instead we are retrogressing. Our busy President should ask himself if the economic situation was as bad as this when he came to power,What was the status of PHCN then,the price of fuel, the state of the health sector,road,education, and above all insecurity and lots more.
    President Jonathan was a calm and listening President when he came to power. Nigerians did not vote him to bring them this misfortune,yeah that is what I call it because people are suffering because of your manner of ruling this country. You think the people who are with you love? No, they do not. They are there making money for themselves but GOD IS WATCHING US ALL. You people enrich yourselves at the detriment of the masses. You amass wealth when you do not know who spends. I will say impeachment would be better compared to what happened to Samuel Doe in Liberia. Mr President Nigerians are not just sad they are bitterly angry. Most of these angry people do not know Mrs Diezani,Mr.Reuben Abati,Dr Mrs Okonjo Iweala but they know you and the First Lady, Dame Patience Jonathan. I confess to you that the song they sing is not too good to the hear. People who claim to be your faithfuls will run when the chips are down.
    Mr. President, why not look at the criticism of the opposition and do something constructive instead of fighting the wind.These people, despite your executive power as the President of this great country are stronger than the whole Presidency put together but not as strong as the masses. The masses listen to their voice and not yours for now ,even though I tell people the opposition too are not angels.I must underline here that they are performing better in various states where the are. God forbid you do not want what happened in Egypt and in Liberia a long time ago to happen on the soil of this God’s own country.
    The first and only time I saw you was in NYSC camp in Kaiama in Bayelsa state in March 2004 when you were the Deputy governor of the state. I saw leadership qualities,humility,humanity…but today I can not see all that anymore.
    Mr President there is time for change!

  5. Ben

    December 16, 2013 at 9:30 AM

    Dear Mr. Bayero, God will bless you and continue to give you wisdom to see the tricks of the northern leaders. For how many years whether military or no military they had their opportunities to make things better for Nigerians, what did they do, nothing than to steal public funds and oil wells and create corruption, make the ordinary northerners poor and dependent on their mercy as if they god. We know there are more to do but for heaven sake Mr president is trying and he as tried compare to all the president put together Nigeria has ever had. Nigerians are no longer fools, we are more wiser now. I don’t like any political party, for APC, they are bunch of thieves and greedy power hungry idiots who want power for their self interest. The PDP this same. But we are in the right path for having democracy. lets us just keep praying for better leaders and not this thieves. Please NIGERIANS, the APC won’t be better off neither PDP is better. Lets pray for change of heart and strength for whoever get there to work for the interest of Nigerians and for me, GEJ is doing that and that is while they fighting him. Lets not forget that the political system of Nigeria is run by godfathers and hoodlums, and for Nigeria to progress, toes must be stepped on and that is what is going on now.

    GOD Bless Nigeria.


    December 16, 2013 at 11:03 AM

    Usman Bayero, I can see clearly now; your mentality is to continue to live in servetude, no wonder your zone still remain the poorest in Nigeria after many years of northern rulership which you claim did not benefit your zone.
    Nigeria is the second largest economy in Africa and the biggest oil & gas producer in Africa and yet ordinary Nigerians sleep and wake in up hungry. Those 12 universities you mentioned cannot physically be described or qualify to be secondary school in Ghana and elsewhere. If you surrendered your sovereignty at a poll to politicians and you get peanut in exchange; unfortunately that is not the wish of millions of Nigerians who continue to toil in vein just to keep up with existence.


    December 16, 2013 at 9:18 PM

    BREAKING NEWS: A British MP today reported the discovery of slave camp in the UK where entirely Nigerian girls are the captives, they are used as sex slaves and are entirely blacked out from any contact to the outside world.
    I hope Nigerian political leaders are taking notes of what they have turned our young girls into by their bad policies and misrule.

  8. Godswill

    December 16, 2013 at 10:02 PM

    APC members are sore LOSERS and everybody knows it.Usman,thumps up to you. Ds dirty pigs should go to hell,afterall Gudluck inherited ds govt from ds fools.

  9. Biodun

    July 19, 2014 at 3:04 AM

    My President, APC has right to impeach you if they so decided. You have failed yourself, your ijaw and Nigerian at large. where are ours girls? we want them back, the security situation in Nigeria is appalling, no one in Nigeria is save any more that include you Mr President. many families goes without eating three square meals a day. many things are going wrong under your watch. It seems you dont have a shame at all . its better you are sent packing from aso rock. Nigeria need a purposeful leader not a gullible and zoological lecturer. To be honest with you. Grd 11 teacher who was the President in 80s is better then you.Please step aside and get moving. Weve had enough of you.

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