In Pictures: Clarion Chukwurah Rocks Mini Skirt On The Streets Of New York

clarion chukwurah in new york

Oct 4, 2016- Photos: Clarion Chukwurah Rocks Mini Skirt On The Streets Of New York

The Nollywood actress was spotted ‘wakarin’ about the streets of New York yesterday in the company of Prince AZK Adekoya II.

The actress who travelled to New York from her base in Georgia to attend Professor Wole Soyinka’s lecture has since returned home.

clarion chukwurah mini skirt

Micro mini skirt at 52? Hmmm… This madam no send o.

13 thoughts on “In Pictures: Clarion Chukwurah Rocks Mini Skirt On The Streets Of New York

  1. This old mama youngee no dey shame for all these nonses she is wearing with her crayfish legs.Instead of her to live a life of legacy she will be dressing like a cheap ashawoo all in the name of dressing, SHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!.

  2. She lives among people who accept that mode of dressing no matter the age so shopping for clothing that.look different might be a challenge since the shops tend to sell what they think people will buy.

  3. She is a fool @ 52 .There are decent clothing for her age. Please woman stop dressing cheap, just take a look at your knockled old kneels.

  4. Mummy, this dress us indecent. Its meant for young girlz not an adult like u. I can’t imaging myself putting on this outfit… husband will ask if am alrit, let alone u. Pls its nothing to write abt. OK?

  5. I don’t even know why you ppl are hating on this lady. Just because you are at a certain age does not automatically reduce you to a certain way of life/dressing. Age is just a number. Are you kidding me? Look she has a husband who might jump at any lady who dresses well as she does. It might be what her hubby likes and so she has to keep up with those of you who don’t see nothing wrong in sleeping with married men , right. Am sure those of you are just waiting for her to relax so you can take over. But you ppl who think you are young will not let married ppl enjoy their marriage but you forget that what goes around comes around. you can succeed in breaking homes but you may get married one day and see for yourself.If her hubby is not complaining, who are we to judge? so long as she is happy with that and she is not exposing her assets, am cool with that. Call her old hag or not we will all get there.

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