Photos: Bill Clinton’s Secret Biracial Son, Danney Williams Demands For DNA Test

bill clinton biracial son

Oct 4, 2016 – Pictures: Bill Clinton’s Secret Mixed Race Son, Danny Williams Demands DNA Test

The handsome young man who came as a result of ex-President Bill Clinton’s brief romance with former black prostitute Bobbie Ann Williams is still insisting that Bill Clinton is his biological father.

Danney Williams is now pressuring Mr Clinton to do a new DNA test.

30-year-old Danney whose Facebook Surname is Williams-Clinton once told The Globe Magazine that his wish is to shake his father’s hand before he dies.

His story was brought back into the spotlight yesterday by the conservative media in a smart ploy to destroy Hillary Clinton’s Presidential ambition.

bill clinton mixed race son

Chai!! this young man resembles Clinton oo #truthbetold.

8 thoughts on “Photos: Bill Clinton’s Secret Biracial Son, Danney Williams Demands For DNA Test

  1. POLITICIANS ARE the worst hypocrites of all—worse than the Pharisees! So a thing as this could cost Hillary her presidential ambition, even thought it is her husband involved, and not her. Yet this is what all of them engage in in secrecy, keeping mistresses here and there. Dig well, dig deep enough, and you won’t be surprised that Trump equally had his off-wedding child.

  2. Every child need to know their biological parents.For the sake of the child and regardless of what the public says,please have a DNA test to clear up the matter.There will be no he said or she said.The facts will stand for themselves.

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