In Pictures: Hajara Hussaini & The Healing Cross In Assakio Nasarawa Nigeria

hajara hussaini

Oct 10, 2016 – Photos: See Hajara Hussaini & Scene Of The Mysterious Healing Cross That Appeared On Ground In Assakio Nasarawa State Nigeria

See photos from the scene of a mysterious healing cross that appeared on ground near the Central Mosque of Assakio in Nasarawa state on the 28th of September 2016.

As earlier reported, 15-year-old Muslim teenager, Hajara Hussaini saw the strange cross while playing with two other girls and since then, fanatics have been pouring sand on the site to cover up the mysterious cross which kept reappearing.

See photos of curious residents at the scene of the cross..


Pictured above is Hajara, the girl who first saw the cross

While others watched in awe, Catholic faithfuls were seen praying at the scene of the mysterious cross.

13 thoughts on “In Pictures: Hajara Hussaini & The Healing Cross In Assakio Nasarawa Nigeria

  1. PERSONALLY, I AM disinclined to apparitions like this. But that is not the question here. Moslems, and in deed, other hypocritical thinkers who want to sound wise and peace-loving, give it to us that we all worship the same God. If so, why is it now a problem to the moslems that the Christian cross is healing people?

  2. if they don’t allow this girl to carry out the work of the Lord, the wrath of of GOD that sent this girl will visit them, only if the cross thing is from GOD

  3. Instead of making funny noise about how unreal the cross is, why not visit the area and get an undiluted footage from the very source.
    This is God at it again, your believe not withstanding is inconsequential.

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