Nollywood Actor Desmond Elliott & Osinbajo Take Buhari Change Campaign To Surulere

desmond elliott osinbajo

Jan7, 2015 – Photos: Nollywood Actor Desmond Elliott Joins RCCG Pastor Osinbajo For Buhari Presidential Election Campaign In Surulere Lagos

Exclusive photos from a recent political rally put together by actor turned Politician, Desmond Elliott for Buhari/Osinbajo APC President ticket in his constituency in Surulere Lagos.

The door to door campaign lasted for over three hours on Saturday with many fans and supporters chanting Sai Buhari in support of the retired Major General.

See exclusives photos from the campaign below:


Lagosians are ready for change come February 14, 2015.

5 thoughts on “Nollywood Actor Desmond Elliott & Osinbajo Take Buhari Change Campaign To Surulere

  1. Let peace reign on February d 14 oh Lord put their enemies to shame send fire to Aso rock to destroy d idol they are worshipping

  2. I used to be a fanatic when supporting GEJ, but presently, i cant really figure out any reasonable achievement for him rather, he encouraged more of corruption and politicizing every single thing in the country. Buhari will do better considering the extent he has gone so far. I usually “hate” the man name Buhari but now, i think i have to go for him cos GEJ has nothing to offer (GEJ is soooooo doll for my liken).

  3. When will my people understand this cheap tricks this so call politicians are using,after this rally how many of this poor faces can see this man again my people be wise and use ur life for more better things

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