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Indian Police Officers, Couple Sacked For Faking Mount Everest Climb As Nepal Banned Them

first indian couple climb mount everest sacked

August 8, 2017 – Indian Police Officers, Couple Sacked For Faking Mount Everest Climb As Nepal Banned Them From Mountaineering

A couple in India who made history as the first Indian couple to ever climb Mount Everest have been sacked after investigation revealed that they faked the ascent which gave them popularity.

In May 2016, Tarakeshwari and Dinesh Rathod claimed they reached the 8848metre summit last year.

However, they were exposed after fellow Indian mountainers exposed the inconsistencies in the pictures they posted on the social media.

Police investigation later confirmed that the couple doctored the photo to show they successfully summited the peak.

Nepal government has banned the couple from mountaineering for 10 years.

The couple have been dismissed from India Police Force .



  1. Bencht

    August 8, 2017 at 4:12 PM

    See how you have puting yourself into a wahala. This is very according to. Na must be say you go climb mountain? Are you not knows that it is dangerful to be carry mountain to lie? Even Mohammed when he was shout make mountain come and the mountain no gree come, he no lie say the mountain later come bicos he know say is a very dangerful to carry mountain lie. Na Mohamed was final to climb the mountain bicos the mountain no obey. He come tell his pipul say the mountain no de hear word o. It dey stobom. If you carry mountain lie, the true must final to come out one day bicos mountain no de like lie. Mountain like true. That is why Moses was climb mountain to be talking with God. Make pipul no using mountain to lie again bicos mountain is holy. Rastaman is climb mountain to smoke igbo and Mary Juliana. Is why rastaman is not lie. Even bishop and pope is climb mountain to be getting power bicos the air weyris blow for mountain is diffrent to the air weyris blow another places. Mountain is a holy place. It better to be using valley to lie bicos valley na bad thing. Valley full for hell o. Na for hell wey valley of shardow of death dey. Na also there wey valley of besumu rock dey. Valley of bulem and valley of dry bone also is there. Valley is very according to.

  2. Big Aunty Koks

    August 8, 2017 at 7:28 PM

    @Bench, I follow you wonder what prize is kept for successfully climbing that mountain that prompted these people to tell such naked lie. Now they are exposed they have only succeeded in proving themselves to be the highest liers in the universe.

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