Is Bail Truly Free In Nigeria??

is bail free in nigeria

Augusts 12, 2016 – Is Bail Truly Free In Nigeria??

Naija Police una sabi lie which kind white lie is this…

How can you say bail is free in Nigeria in this day and age.

14 thoughts on “Is Bail Truly Free In Nigeria??

  1. It depends on your definition of”Free”. If one is talking about payment with cash, yes, bail is sometimes free because no cash payment is required but other conditions like seizing of suretiy’s travel documents to ensure he fulfill s his undertaking to produce the accused in court to stand trial or the deposit of documents of title to some property ownedby the surety or in certain cases where the accused is granted bail in his own self recognizance and he deposits his official ID card in court.etc.
    If on the other hand you consider such conditions as listed here as payment, then bail is not free. But, bail itself is intended to ensure that the accused is not in custody during his trial while at the same time he is expected to diligently attend court for his trial.
    Human nature and experience shows that most accused persons do not comply regarding faithful attendance of court for their trial hence the conditions being attached to ensure compliance. So bail as expected and as oftentimes complied with is free in couts . There are however allegations that “bail fees” are sometimes collected at police stations but such is illegal.

  2. In the constitution, I guess buh in reality and much worse in this present administration? Abeg its a very big lie, Naija police can lie for africa jhor

  3. IF WE SHOULD look at it the way it is actually done, bail is free on all conditions. If the police arrests a suspect for a crime, and after their investigations, find out that the man is innocent, he should be released without paying any money. But the Nigeria Police violates this aspect and ensures that the common man suffers even when they have verified his innocence. They keep him in the cell endlessly without charging him to court because there is no case against the man. All they want is money. This is among the reasons why they are hated.

    THE OTHER case is when the suspect has been charged to court, the court could grant him bail pending the outcome of the trial. The money that is demanded, and the sureties are to ensure that the suspect does not jump bail. When the case is finally decided, those sureties get their money back.

  4. By their constitution it should be free, but Nigerian police nawadays don’t even know what the constitution is saying, when De purposely arrest even the innocent just to make cheap money, n the worst now is #50 compulsory collection from taxi, bus n okada drivers. Nigerian police n FRSC need help.

  5. The police for talk say, BAIL SUPPOSE TO BE FREE, this will help people understand the statement well.

    However, Big Aunty Koks and Metu Nyetu explained the whole matter. ( e be like say Big Aunty and Metu get something in common, apart from their intelligence….wetin be the meaning of that KOKS AND NYETU, pls don’t say i have dirty mind.

  6. @ Mon please stop being jealousy of other people and find your own people to ‘get something in common’ with. Have a blessed day!!!

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