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It’s Time The EFCC Arrest Jonathan For Defending Dasuki – Lagos APC

efcc arrest jonathan defend dasuki

Nov 2nd, 2016 – It Is Time For EFCC To Arrest Jonathan For Defending Dasuki – Lagos APC

The spokesperson for Lagos Chapter of the APC Party, Mr Joe Igbokwe has come after ex-President Jonathan for his cheeky defense of ex-NSA Sambo Dasuki.

Here is the statement Mr Igbokwe released on behalf of the party yesterday:

 “Even as we concede that Jonathan is on a desperate bid to rehabilitate himself, we wouldn’t believe that a former president should be so contemptuous of the intelligence of Nigerians as to give the kind of defence he gave to Sambo Dasuki. We wonder what Jonathan makes of the horrid details that are emanating from the Dasukigate issue with shocking evidences, confessions and even refunds made by those that participated in that monumental corruption.”

“To claim that Dasuki and his partners did not steal the arms purchase fund reveals the inner beliefs of Jonathan. One would have expected Jonathan to be cautious in seeking to advance very childish and inadmissible exculpation of his subordinates for glaring acts of corruption. We had expected that Jonathan would have striven to water down the lowly impression held of him by Nigerians and the international community by not deciding to be so patronising to clear cases of corruption by his subordinates.

“By Jonathan’s defence of Sambo Dasuki, we believe time has come for the security agencies to pick up Jonathan to tell the nation all that he knows of the many cases of corruption that happened under him. We think that Jonathan knows more than he admits about the unseemly corruption that he presided over and should be brought in for questioning. It’s becoming indefensible for Jonathan to pretend he was innocent of the corrupt acts of his subordinates.

“While we condemn Jonathan’s cheeky defence of Dasuki, even in the face of monumental damning evidences, we want to state that the anti-corruption war is incomplete until Jonathan justifies his defence of corrupt subordinates.”



  1. ade eagle

    November 2, 2016 at 2:13 AM

    he should go to prison he is a corrupt bastard

  2. Bok

    November 2, 2016 at 3:19 AM

    Igbokwe go and arrest him you don’t need to wait for Dss to do that

    • Metu Nyetu

      November 2, 2016 at 7:04 AM

      I OWE you a bottle of Coke.


    November 2, 2016 at 3:32 AM

    Mumu awusakwe don’t you think that Jonathan is 100% better than your Buhari huh huh

  4. fifelomo

    November 2, 2016 at 8:25 AM

    I can say this one billion times that if you or myself were to be in Jonathan’s position then, we will do more harm. I hope some day, the present government will face the business of the day and stop hunting the opposition party.

  5. Merit Brown

    November 2, 2016 at 8:59 AM

    Joe Igbokwe you are being used by Buhari and APC,,,, what are you waiting for?
    Go and arrest GEJ,,, we are watching

  6. melly

    November 2, 2016 at 9:30 AM

    is APC now EFCC?

  7. Endure

    November 2, 2016 at 2:30 PM

    Honestly I never expected jonathan to say anything in the trial of Dasuki. Even the Bible says [OUT OF THE ABUNDANT OF THE HEART THE MOUTH SPEAK].

    His voicing support in defence of Dasuki while his case is still very much active and been treated in the court is suspicious. After all evidences has already pointed to several corrupt politicians who took part in sharing funds meant for arms purchase,it is in the midst of that we now have Jonathan boldly defending such criminal man called Dasuki. This is in fact unbelievable and indeed provocative!

    Mr Joe Ugboeke the APC spokes man in lagos is saying the truth. But the term that I found incorrect in his speech is THE ARREST OF JONATHAN. Arrest him on what ground? That there is a confirm verdict in the court that pronounce him a criminal or what? Then on what bases should he be arrested?

    I support that a tribunal or a panel should be set up and Jonathan should be invited for questioning most especially over misappropriation of funds meant for arms to fight the jihadists group causing mayhem that has resulted to the loss of more than 20,000 thousand lives in the north and the loss of hundreds of millions of naira what of properties. Let him come and make clear his innocence.

    However such move will be partial and incomplete if someone like Obasanjo is not invited too to explain the $2 billion meant for the upgradement of power sector during his administration. He should also come and explain to us the whereabouts of Abacha loot worthing hundreds of billions of Naira.

    The administration has to be firm and do what is right and just regardless of whoever is involve in corruption. Such ones should be investigated. And the administration should stop being lopsided in terms of fighting corruption.

    • Jilo

      November 2, 2016 at 4:13 PM

      @ Endure, I agreed with you on this one but the area where I disagree with you is where you mentioned that Jonathan cannot be arrested because he has not been declared as a criminal by the court of law. @Endure I understand that you know better that Jonathan can still be arrested and charge for conspiracy. Conspiracy in criminal justice is knowing fully well about the crime even though he may not directly carry out the plan and that is carries mandatory 5 year prison term.

      In an advance democracy Jonathan has implicated himself in such a way that he suppose to be arrested immediately. It is like saying hey! Dasuki is innocent and the same guy worked for him in his administration. How can he prove his innocence? One thing about we Nigerians and other people from third world is, we always let some people feel they are above the law. That is why they steal from us with impunity. If these people know they can be indicted for their crime, they will think twice before committing the crime.

      I also have this feeling that you have a strong dislike for the Northern people. Well, you don’t have to like them but I rather have a Northern leader than having a leader from South South who is so corrupt to the bone. In part your comments you said that they have not probed Obasanjo who committed the same crime and walk away as a freeman. On that aspect, Yar’dua and Jonathan are the ones that suppose to probe their predecessor but since he (Jonathan) himself is a thieve, he let it slide. Buhari cannot do their job.

      Let us not encourage corruption by saying that until all the past leaders are arrested and prosecuted then Jonathan is justified for stealing our money. This administration is the one that make a bold step to fight corruption. Why can’t we just support this presence administration for the sake of impoverished Nigerians?.

  8. Ik Togo

    November 2, 2016 at 3:42 PM

    If is time to arrest GEJ, is also time to arrest Tinubo, fashola and Amechi they are also corropt

  9. Endure

    November 2, 2016 at 6:16 PM

    @jilo good comment from you but to some extent.

    Now do you know their are procedure to arrest?

    Do you know that the officer or EFCC must have a probable cause to believe that a person arrested committed a crime?
    Do you also know that officer will have an arrest warrant issued by the judge before making any of such arrest? You have to know there are procedure to making arrest, ok?

    The EFCC cannot arrest jonathan just because they feel it is necessary or just because they have a vague hunch that Jonathan might be a criminal. According to law Police officers or the EFCC have to be able to justify their arrest usually by tendering cogent and tangible evidence that led to such probable cause. The EFCC knew that quite well and that is the real reason why their have been a delay in JONATHAN’s arrest.

    @jilo you amused me a bit when you mentioned arresting jonathan on conspiracy. Do you think his defence of Dasuki has amount to conspiracy yet? Well if you call that a conspiracy, I will say you are wrong for now. No one can charge him for conspiracy when Dasuki has not been declared a criminal by the court. Ones Dasuki has been convicted a criminal by the court verdict ,then that word conspiracy can now be used against Jonathan.
    Let me also correct that misconception of yours saying I have strong dislike for northern people. Such racial discrimination is against my believe and is against what christianity stands for which I happen to be a member. I have many northerners in our church as friends. But whoever is practising what is not right be it northerner or whoever,it is appropriate such person should be criticized.

    And your claim that Buhari cannot probe the past administration order than Jonathan is not correct. Buhari has consistently made promise to probe whoever took part in looting the nation’s fund. And he never mentioned it was only for the past administration. That shows he is not a trustworthy president.

    Beside,@jilo can you tell me where it is stated in our constitution or in any of our national law that a president has no right to probe those who embezzled and looted our funds if such ones are not part of the immediate administration? Am expecting that reply.

  10. Jilo

    November 3, 2016 at 3:05 PM

    @ Endure, let me answer your question starting from last paragraph, I have never mentioned that any sitting president has absolute right to single handedly arrest outside the context of law. What I said was Jonathan can be arrested based on the fact finding by EFCC, ICPC or DSS if they convincing have a strong evidence to effect their arrest. For example if during the cause of their investigation, they discover that Jonathan operates a separate account and some of these money were traced to that account or any link that establishes that he knew about the distribution of that money, he can be arrested for conspiracy to money laundering just like in the case of arrested Judges.

    The technicality that Jonathan was trying to use was he was not directly incharge. That was the answer he gave Chritiane Amanpor when he was interviewed on CNN ” Why did you allow these money to be misappropriated under your watch”

    On your response on why Buhari could not probe all previous bureaucrats since last 60’s. The answer to that will be time consuming and Buhari may not have time to do any other executive duty. The bottom line is when we fight corruption, we cannot prosecute every single case. Government only pick some sensitive ones and use that as a threshold for the fight against corruption. That is why Buhari seems to be selective in his fight against corruption which is not.

    Sometimes we Nigetians always think we know better than those who introduced this Law to us. If Jonathan as ex president utter that statement in a Country like United States, what do you think will happen to him. They will quickly place him under an investigation. All I can say is, we all want a change but we are not ready to do anything to effect that change. Just like some people were complaining the arrest of those Billionaire Judges. Those Judges have been under surveillance for over a proof of time before their arrest. We cannot ask somebody to fight corruption and at the same time hold his hand.

    This Contry is finished already and we cannot continue to be bias in our opinion if we want to rescue this nation back from its decadence. Thank God that the way and manner those Judges were arrested was clearly written in our constitution ( courtesy Channel TV).

    @Endure, you are free to defend and support whomever you want to support but you know that Jonathan is more than guilty even without conviction because he is the reason why we are in this present mess we are now.

  11. Endure

    November 3, 2016 at 6:02 PM

    “Jonathan is more than guilty even without conviction” @jilo can you prove that? Do you have evidence of that yet?

    Don’t be swift to pass sentence on anyone that has not been found guilty in the court. Now how come do you know jonathan had a knowledge of the misappropriation of funds under his watch?

    Let me still emphasize to you that someone is not guilty until it is proven otherwise in the court. So stop assuming! And I will still reiterate that Jonathan cannot be arrested for conspiracy yet while Dasuki’s case is still in the court. Meet any lawyer you know for more information.

    No amount of trial of corrupt public officers will hinder or frustrate the administrative work of the president. Get that clear. Buhari can still maintain his duty without distraction while dealing with this criminals. That is why we have the EFCC,ICPC,DSS,SSS and the JUDICIARY to handle that responsibility.

    I asked you where it was written in our constitution that a sitting president should be selective and should not probe the ex-presidents like Obasanjo whose evidence of corruption have come to light. You couldn’t find answer to that.

    Let you president fight corruption in totality and stop his dump selectiveness of corrupt individual for prosecution. And that has always been my bone of contention with you @jilo. There Is absolutely no justification for prosecuting some set of corrupt persons using them as a scape goat while leaving those whose evidences of massive corruption they committed during their tenor have come to light. So don’t defend your president for his form of shameful partiality.

  12. sultan(saadu)

    November 3, 2016 at 9:00 PM

    hmmm.oh you gentlemen this is not what you suppose to concentrate and even discussed on it.I think this will not bring something more important to our nation .let’s cooperate and unique to our nation what you are discussion on is something that have already gone and become a past even in the history of our government.
    Buhari is a person just like every body but he has his own destiny different from ours.We are seeking food,shelter, security, and standard of living while we forgot that even he,him self he cannot provide all these by himself he request from almighty god.
    Let us repent and let us correct what we have destroyed and getting ready to make and accept change and let Us pray for our nation,government, leaders,elders, families and our self,and I assured that god of mercy will make us a better change in our leaders and leadership at large
    And we pray for god to quickly make a good change in the condition that we are in
    and god is ready to accept our repentance if we repent

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