Iyabo Ojo ‘Attacked’ Daughter On Movie Set

iyabo ojo attacked daughter

Nov 9, 2013 – Iyabo Ojo’s Daughter ‘Attacked’ On Nollywood Movie Set

Priscilla, the 14-year-old daughter of Nigerian movie producer and business woman, Iyabo Ojo was recently attacked on a new movie set.

Priscilla who was brutalized by her own mother in the upcoming flick passed through a lot of rough roads to become successful.

The movie titled Silence is currently in production.

In 2012, Priscilla got an award for Best Kid actress at the Best of Nollywood awards.

18 thoughts on “Iyabo Ojo ‘Attacked’ Daughter On Movie Set

  1. aunty Iyabo pls take it easy on the cream
    Your skin should look like ur daughter’s skin and not light a white woman’s skin
    be comfortable in ur own skin and stop bleaching

  2. i support you tawa most of these movie stars are fond of bleaching their skins even Omotola Jalade is bleaching her own too…. shame

  3. Bleaching or no bleaching is non of ur business, dat’z nt d topic here. U ladies are fond of diz. Plz is better u comment on the topic

  4. In as much as i like Iyabo Ojo as a very promising actress, i am very disappointed at her barbaric gross abuse of her 14 years old girl. Are the people commenting on her skin normal? Iyabo should be tried in the court of law and sentence to a good 5 years prison time with hard labor as a good example to innocent kids abusers like her. This is an irate nonsense. You have just lost one your strong supporters. The only way i can forgive you is for to publicly apologize to your daughter and show her sincere love. After all, what are mothers for? To those of you that are asking what concerns people about that, you are all ignorant and can not spell love.

  5. Na wa o. Oga ashiwaju. It’s just a movie o. And all dats on d girls face is just a make believe. Make-up effect o. Pls u just sit back and watch out for d new movie called silence.

  6. are you people normal? this is a movie for God sake it is just a make up . how will a mother bear up are own child. pls shine your eyes. educated illiterate gbogbo.

  7. boda Ashiwaju tabi Ashileyin or wat ever u call ur sef dis i jux a movie for GOD sake b4 u start writin novel for us mtcheeew illiteracy is a very big disease on u o

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