Iyabo Ojo Drops Husband’s Name, Changes To Maiden Name ‘Ogunro’

iyabo ojo husband name

January 26, 2014 – Iyabo Ojo Drops Husband’s Name, Changes To Maiden Name ‘Ogunro’

Unlike her colleague in the Nollywood movie industry, Fathia Balogun who insisted on using her ex-hubby’s name, movie producer and Fespris CEO, Iyabo Ojo recently told fans she will be changing her last name soon.

The actress who dumped her ex-husband and the father of her 2 children a while back said she is ready to move on.

On Wednesday, the 22nd of January, 2014, Iyabo Ojo told fans she will also be changing her movie production company from Iyabo Ojo Films Production to Fespris Production.

‘Attention! Attention!! Attention!!! To all my fans and love ones, I will not be using IYABO OJO FILMS PRODUCTION as my movie production name! FESPRIS Production is my new movie production name from henceforth as I will be dropping d name ‘ojo’ soon :x;). From d stable of Fespris production… Comes 2 outstanding movie TENBELU & SILENCE #sayNo2childabuse’ – Iyabo Ojo said on Facebook.

When she was 21, she married a Lagos-based movie marketer who introduced her to Nollywood. After 2 kids with marriage issue, she left him. Still unsure if she has filed for divorce.

In 2013, she was rumoured to be dating fellow actor Muka Ray.

24 thoughts on “Iyabo Ojo Drops Husband’s Name, Changes To Maiden Name ‘Ogunro’

  1. Another husband snatcher in the making. Women pls be kiaful with ur men I don’t trust these Nollywood ladies

  2. So she’s has been using d name all dc while,so y she won con change am now?my pple help me ask ha!!!mtcheww!!!na nollydivorce not Nollywood again oga o.

  3. Who is the witch thats putting those demonic fingers under the girls throat? D consequences of broken marriages is seen on the children. I am too sure the children are looking kept as should. Divorcees, should consider the children before running out on their marriages.

  4. These children are looking tartered. Iyabo is too busy to look after her children. See the girls teeth, very brownish. Mtcheeeew.

  5. Iyabo Ojo, your daughter is seriously very ugly; she seem to have taken your image perfectly as her mother. There must be something you have managed to cover-up as a full adult to decieve your admirers, as you can see; nature is very powerful as you can’t run from it. I hope your daughter manages to polish up and hide the bad side as she grows.

  6. Couldn’t Iyabo make-up her daughter or put up here a better shot of these children before exposing them with this embarrasing posture. Your children’s polished images go to enhance your own image and how your admirers percieve or assess you personally. If this is how your children could look in the public domain; I wonder how you yourself is ‘keeping up’ to attract the men in your life after your marriage broke down. I guess I can now understand why your first marriage did not work. Wish you goodluck though in your search for another Mr Right.

  7. Iyabo Ojo I’m one of your admirers living in Ghana but I was disappointed seeing your children look so rough and shabbilly made-up. How you project your children gives you lots of mileage in the respect the public gives you. I wonder why you couldn’t use the money wasted branding yourself to raise the standard look of your children. Please check properly next time and put out here a better shot of your children. Take a second look at the picture weather you have done justice to your conscience, comparing how you dressed and what is addorned your children; especially the overdue hair braid of your daughter.

  8. Iyaba wetin be this now? you mean can not buy tooth brush for your daughter for teeth. see how her teeth don’t rutting finish. They don’t look healthy at all. hope you do give them good food. Please your child should be your priority.

  9. Wetin sef be this Iyabo Ojo. How long have these children been living in refugee camp, or were they just been rescued from Boko Haram frotline or Niger Delta kidnap captivity. Uh! Iyabo Ojo, from what I’ve seen in your kids; it is rightly said that ‘Not all that glitters is Gold’ I’m highly disappointed these children are coming from under the roof of a so called Nigerian movie celebrity. Why don’t you release these children to their father for a better care so that you can have all the world to yourself to chase all the vanity that comes with it. This’s a shame.

  10. My people ooo,the topic should be all about dropping her husband name not the innocent children.The girl’s physical appearance might be just her nature after all she is not in rag or sitting in her mother car trunk.There are some rich people that have such skin like that no matter what you feed them.

    • Mr Red, what about the daughter’s clearly stained teeth and her overdue hair braid, how does your defence exonirate Iyabo Ojo for her negligence on proper care of the innocent girl. Iyabo Ojo should better stop the senseless Nollywood competetion and pay more attention to the kids who are rather her future “retirement benefits” I doubt if Iyabo Ojo could sacrifies her 300,000 Naira Brazilian hair money to send these kids to quality schools befitting her “Celebrity Status”

  11. IJADUOLA,please don’t me laugh because is not funny.Don’t you think the girl is old enough to brush her teeth herself ?,As for the braid,(sorry to say this ) her big forehead plays a role there.lots of people whipped her mercilessly with their mouth when the issue of name changing first came up,now that she did what they were cursing her out,they moved the topic to her kids.take a look at the boy he is okay and better looking.is just the girl’s oily skin that makes her look this bad.

    • Mr Red I appreciate your observations particularly on the daughter, it simply goes to conferm that Iyabo Ojo has not paid much attention to the little girl’s teeth and or her appearance or doesn’t really see anything wrong with the girl’s total make-up that includes the overdue hair braid. Mr Red, I’m sorry to draw your attention to Iyabo Ojo herself and her sence of finesse, which literally provides an answer to why Iyabo found nothing wrong with the picture of her daughter, and to quote you; with oilly skin and broad forehead. Regardless, she chose the picture to support her story. Nowhere in a civilised world is an upholstery leather seat is covered with a fabric, but in Iyabo Ojo’s world; it is not only ignorantly covered but with a torn seat cover on the shoulder and she didn’t seem to know very little elementary public appearance code for a lady, and to be more direct to her profession; her passion to be called “Celebrity”. Frankly, Iyabo herself needs to improve on certain basic rules of finesse.

    • I advice Iyabo Ojo to send the kids to visit a dentist and see dentists every year. Iyabo should stop wasting money on her bleached body and take good care of the children. If she finds that too much to bear, she should eat a humble pie and send the kids back to their father Mr Ojo.

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