Iyabo Ojo Seeks Donation For 5 Year Old Nigerian Boy Battling Burkitt Lymphoma Cancer


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March 30, 2017 – Iyabo Ojo Seeks Donation For 5 Year Old Nigerian Boy Battling Burkitt Lymphoma, Cancer Of The Lymphatic System

This message originally posted by Daivyan Foundation caught the attention of Nollywood actress Iyabo Ojo who shared it with her fans:

In 2016, I met little Mutairu whose picture appears above; he is 5years old and has two brothers. His mum is a petty trader who lives in mushin area of Lagos state.

Mutairu was diagnosed with burkitt lymphoma in 2016, he was being managed at Lagos university teaching hospital, and after the first course of chemotherapy,his tumor shrunk so well that he was looking good but the treatment was not over yet,the mum on the other hand relaxed due to lack of funds then the cancer came back more aggressive affecting his legs as well (advanced burkitts with CNS involvement). I

personally went to see him in their home in mushin,early february and he wasn’t looking good. I got his mum to take him back to the hospital with the little I had. After the doctors commenced treatment he started looking good again but the drugs became very expensive and we couldn’t afford it.

Mutairu’s case is a good one in the sense that with aggressive chemotherapy regime done with immediate follow up,Mutairu will be fine and good to go home, the doctors have assured us of that. In the past one week, we have seen 3kids die in the ward because they were diagnosed late or there was no funds for immediate and effective treatment; since the inception of our foundation which will be a year in May, we have not taken up any child’s case for crowd funding but yesterday as Mutairu’s mum cried to me saying ‘ e ma je ki omo mii ku’ meaning ‘Please don’t let my son die’ I remembered 2015, I remembered my Daivyan, I remembered when just like her I was seeking for help from pillar to post, again I remembered the reason God asked me to do what I am doing today.

So this is me… Matilda Obiajunwa, a mother of a survivor and one who knows what it’s like to be in the shoes of Mutairu’s mum, pleading and begging that we join hands together to save baby mutairu.

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All he needs is 2-2.5 million to save him,if 2500 Nigerians donate #1000, mutairu will be on his way to joining the childhood cancer survivor’s list, making us proud soon.

Please kindly repost so that someone somewhere can send their token to save this child. That is how we all can fight this together… You post, I donate! I post,You donate! You and I post.

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  1. When it comes to help no comment frm pple hmmm God will help us and us understanding. But dis message is not complete as in no details of anytin

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