How Iyabo Ojo Turns Self Into White Lady Over The Years [PHOTOS]

iyabo ojo white lady

July 14, 2017 – Iyabo Ojo Joins Nollywood Skin Bleaching Gang As Throwback Photos Show She Was Chocolate & Lovely

Photo News: See How Iyabo Ojo Turns Self Into White Lady Over The Years


19 thoughts on “How Iyabo Ojo Turns Self Into White Lady Over The Years [PHOTOS]

  1. I wonder wen our black people will stop this idiotic idea of bleaching especially ladies, No white men or women will wanted to be black. We should learn to be contented. I belief BLACK IS BEAUTIFUL.

  2. Jimoh, you are make me to be laffing. Her head scaff is also be like DAAR Communication satilight dish.

  3. Womens are coke when they are not have money. But when the money is enter, they are bicom Fanta. I am pity to them bicos when they are old, they are smell like horse nyash. No perfume can posibul to be helping them.

  4. Inferiority,self hate and low self esteem is the reason for this,that’s why fair skinned aren’t attractive to me anymore cos the majority of them are fake.

  5. She looks more beautiful and alluring in the old picture. There is nothing more better than your natural color. Bleaching has its dangerous side effects. What is really wrong with Black women and bleaching? Can anyone show me a White man or Woman who color themselves Black except in war movies?.

  6. Your first picture was very good, that’s when you haven’t started with bleaching cream. Bleaching cream cause cancer,if you are feeling hot or have hot flush that is not age related please stop the cream,it is very dangerous.

  7. It’s the symbol of modern society “sisi igbalode “. As I said before, skin bleaching became popular from the 60s when Musicians like Sir Victor Olaiya and others sang in praise of “omo pupa”, that is, light complexioned woman “. However, the health risks far outweigh the benefits, of which the only apparent one is looking attractive but not necessarily beautiful. The skin’s natural ability to heal itself from wounds or surgery and resilience is destroyed by bleaching. A prominent First Lady died from complications caused by bleaching after surgery when her skin wounds would not heal. Women, you may lose your blessings sent through Angels from God, if they cannot recognize you as the skin God created you with has been transformed thereby causing you to lose your God-given identity. May God give black women and the stupid men bleaching their skin wisdom.

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