Jim Iyke Fathers A Son, Mario Ikechukwu Secretly In The UK


jim iyke sonJim Iyke

Oct 19, 2012 – Jim Iyke Fathers An 11-Yr Old Son, Mario Ikechukwu In The UK

The latest news circulating round is that Nigerian actor Jim Iyke has an 11-year old son identified as Mario Ikechukwu in the United Kingdom.www.naijagists.com

Little Mario IK was born to Jim Iyke by an Abia state Undergraduate, Chantelle Nkechi Benson who is currently a barrister in the UK.

Though the actor hasn’t said anything this secret child yet, here is what encomium magazine has to say:

Jim iyke has an 11yr old son who has just been unveiled,the little bloke is named Mario Ikechukwu and lives in the Uk.

According to the info ”Jim just found out he has a son who is his mirror image and he is in shock because he found out a few days ago and does not know how to handle the situation.he is yet to meet his son but they have spoken once on the phone”.

The controversial actor met and fell in love with Chantelle Nkechi Benson an Abia state University undergraduate (now a Uk based Barrister) Many years ago,one thing led to another and she found out”she was four months pregnant whilst on pills”…..continue reading

She left Nigeria with Jim’s new born baby without his knowledge and kept him secret for 11years but the lid was blown off Chantelle’s secret when a concerned cousin called Jim and told him about his son…The cousin gave Jim Chantelles Number and the shocked actor called to find out the truth.

Little Mario is described to be as headstrong as his father and is unhappy about having a celeb father he has not met before.

As you read this;actor Jim iyke is sober and in great shock. We hope father and son bond very well.

Ooops by the way, Chantelle is a drop dead beauty and is financially stable.

I have contacted her and she said to me”Please Stella, Jim has been very nice and trying to bond with his son.i really dont know how you got this info but i dont want my son out there”
Chantelle told me the story of what happened and why little mario was kept a secret.

So bro Jim don born.

Congrats o.