Jim Iyke Stars In Kannywood Hausa Movie Alongside Sani Danja & Others

jim iyke hausa movie

Nov 4, 2013 – Jim Iyke Stars In Kannywood Hausa Film Alongside Sani Danja & Others

Never thought Nollywood actor Jim Iyke could speak Hausa language fluently as he did in a new Kannywood Hausa movie titled Wata Shari’ar.

In the upcoming movie, Jim Iyke stars alongside popular Hausa actors Sani Danji, Yakubu Mohammed and many others.

The movie was produced by Uzee concept and directed by Yakubu Muhammed.

Wata Shariar will be subtitled in English.

Another nice move to draw fans from Hausa land.

Hausa people in the house, can you please tell us the meaning of Wata Shari’ar?

Wata Shariar means Only Almighty God can judge thanks to Abdullahi Abubakar

14 thoughts on “Jim Iyke Stars In Kannywood Hausa Movie Alongside Sani Danja & Others

    • who told u that jim iyke is out there to show that he is different do u think actors/actresses r myopic in there thinkings. wake up my frnd

  1. If he’s not claiming funny deliverance, he’s busy parading himself with dozens of ladies in the streets of Accra. I don’t care if he shots his next film in Afghanistan’s Torah Bora mountains. Maybe he thinks his latest act will stop the butchering of his people in the streets of the murderous Hausa Fulani sponsored BokoBoko. Foolish Iyke.

    • wake up dave cos u r those type that can cause wahala if u have the opportunity u r indeed jealous,try to be a nigerian cos u r alien n remember its just a movie.

    • Oga u just dey talk about prson wot of ur own,.if u no fit pray make im change den dr s no point casting him like dt#stop complaining about ur friends n pray for them!.

  2. dubun gaisuwa da fatan alkhairi zuwa gareku duka gaskiya shirin hausa yana burgewa susai musamman ga hausawa mazauna kasashen waje amma saidai bama samun sabbin finafinnan ku ku miya sa?

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