Jim Iyke: Yes I’m Engaged To Nadia Buari…I’ve Proposed To Her

jim iyke proposed nadia buari

June 13, 2014 – Jim Iyke: Yes I’m Engaged To Nadia Buari…I’ve Proposed To her

For the first time since their engagement story went viral, reality TV show host Jim Iyke has confirmed that he is truly engaged to his Ghanaian girlfriend, Nadia Buari.

In an exclusive chat with Golden Icons’ Emma Emerson about his relationship with Nadia, Jim addressed the rumour surrounding his proposal.

In his own words:

“That engagement was funny.We went to four countries in three days and I came back and people said I used it as a gimmick to sell my reality show, it could be true. And others said no body could go out and get a 6 carat ring and spend that kind of money because it did cost some money , for it to be fake. The only two people that know the truth – Nadia and me.If I said I did get engaged, some will say it’s a lie.If I say I did not, some will say I told you.So it doesn’t matter.Let them keep talking. Don’t forget,she is an actress and I’m an actor.”

Watch the interview video below


12 thoughts on “Jim Iyke: Yes I’m Engaged To Nadia Buari…I’ve Proposed To Her

  1. Jim lick this ashanti like a dog and dump her jare, use her both back and front and go and marry a responsible girl later, this one is just bed assistant

  2. Jim might ‘ve his flaws .But to be candid, with regards to his recent flirt with his former ex which went viral in the internet.He has recalled his mistake and apologised for his waywardness,which i think Nadia accepted.So my advise to Jim is to take Nadia to the alter and by so doing he will silence his critics redeem his stained public image.

  3. Bigibo forget dat tin (6 carat ring), is just deceit; better discharge dat babe cos u hav a long future ahead, marry a simple babe and stop confusin people dat doesn’t want to be confuse. Jimmy de bigibo ogaaaaaaaaaaa

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