Jim Iyke Tagged Gay For Attacking Lady Who Pointed At His ‘Manpower’

jim iyke anger management

The King of Celebrity Clap in Nigeria, Jim Iyke got tongues wagging yesterday when he attacked one of his fans who made an improper comment about his male organ.

The actor had earlier shared a video of himself working at a gym to show fans how he keeps fit when a female fan made an unkind comment about his manpower.

That was all Iyke needed to clap back with the meanest, sexist and even self-deprecatory remark, dismissing the woman as an “ape”, a racist word that is used to denigrate people of colour.

See the fan’s comment and the actor’s mean comment below.

This is why many have distanced themselves from Jim Iyke over the years.

At a point, he reportedly enrolled in anger management class.

Before now, the actor was called gay for always making unkind comments towards women especially since he returned to Nigeria from the United States of America.

2 thoughts on “Jim Iyke Tagged Gay For Attacking Lady Who Pointed At His ‘Manpower’

  1. unkind remarks should attract unkind response..its ok if its the other way round..now human rights activists will jump on men degrading women with harsh utterances..weird world

  2. How would a woman feel if some random man points at her breasts? Will she be tagged gay too?
    People should learn appropriate behaviour toward the opposite sex, plain and simple!

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