John Dumelo: Why I Decided To Reunite With Yvonne Nelson

john dumelo yvonne nelson

July 29, 2016 – John Dumelo: Why I Decided To Reunite With Yvonne Nelson

32-year-old John Dumelo recently opened up on why he reconciled with his close pal, Yvonne Nelson.

His words:

“Yvonne Nelson is just my friend, I mean we have enjoyed a beautiful friendship over a long period of time and we had some misunderstanding but I just thought about it and wondered, hey life is short, let’s bury the hatchet and move on as good friends that we have always been.”

The duo settled their differences at a restaurant in Accra Ghana on the 18th of July 2016.

When asked if he sees himself getting married to Yvonne Nelson, Dumelo simply said no.

11 thoughts on “John Dumelo: Why I Decided To Reunite With Yvonne Nelson

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    • @bench this matter as alreadt been why raise it up and mind you no one is stopping the other from commenting @D_HUNTER was only spelling out is opinion

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  3. there is nothing as good as friendship… but my question is “why did dumelo say ‘no’ when he was asked if there was any possibility for marriage”

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