Jonathan Disgraced As Meeting With Obasanjo Ended In Fight: OBJ To GEJ,”I Can’t Support U”


jonathan disgraced obasanjo

Jan 14, 2015 –Jonathan Disgraced As Meeting With Obasanjo Ended In Fight: OBJ To GEJ,”I Can’t Support U”, “U Talk Like Motor Park Touts” – GEJ Fires Back

President Jonathan’s mission for visiting Obasanjo’s residence on Monday didn’t succeed after he allegedly engaged the former military ruler in an intense war of words.

According to a source at the meeting who requested anonymity because he’s not permitted to leak the content of the discussion to the media, about an hour into the meeting, Jonathan practically begged to have Baba Obasanjo on board but in a bid to end the meeting abruptly, Obasanjo told Jonathan with a strong voice that “It’s too late to support you; I’m very sorry”

The source said the presence of two popular clerics, Oyedepo of Winners Chapel and Adeboye of Redeemed Church didn’t convince Obasanjo to change his words. He insisted he’s not willing to support a system of leadership that has failed Nigeria and wanted to wash his hands clean by not openly endorsing any candidate.

Few minutes after Obasanjo insisted on not supporting Obasanjo, Jonathan reportedly mumbled a few words that the source termed “weighty”.

GEJ was quoted to have said “elder statesman who talk like motor park touts”. He, however, did not mention Obasanjo directly but he said it after OBJ insisted on not supporting him.

The statement was said to have angered Obasanjo, forcing him to cut off the meeting abruptly after which Jonathan and his men sneaked out of the building.

The source concluded that neither Oyedepo nor Adeboye tried to convince Obasanjo, they just sat there as witnesses invited by Obasanjo.

The former president has been a virulent critic of the Jonathan administration, which he accused of embracing corruption and burgling the anti-insurgency battle.

Quite dramatic!