Jonathan: Why Fayose Can’t Run For President In 2019


fayose can't run for president 2019

Nov 13, 2017 – Jonathan: Fayose Can’t Run For President In 2019 ince PDP Has Zoned The Presidency To The North

Fayose Will Have A Hard Time Running As President Because The PDP Has Zoned The Presidency To The North – GEJ

Ex-President Goodluck Jonathan says his supporters have been putting pressure on him to contest the 2019 presidential election.

In an interview with Ovation magazine publisher, Dele Momodu, Jonathan said he is moved to tears seeing people shouting “GEJ, we want you back”.

Jonathan, who ruled out the possibility of contesting for the presidency again, said reflections on his achievements and mistakes make him sober.

“I’m not God but I sincerely doubt the possibility,” Jonathan said in response to a question on the next election.

“People come to me every day saying they want me back. I’m always moved to tears whenever I go out and see the huge crowds shouting GEJ, we want you, even in the north.

“Instead of getting swollen headed, I actually reflect on my achievements and mistakes and feel humbled and feel very sober…

“I have never been a man of inordinate ambition. I’m a man of very modest means. I hardly travel because of the logistical costs. I’ve played my part and I have moved on.”

Asked what he would do if the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) gives him its presidential ticket in 2019, he said:

“Are you not aware that our party has zoned the presidency to the north, and the chairmanship to the south?

“Even Fayose that has declared his interest may face big challenges because of the decision of our party.”