Jonathan Ordered Me To Give Dasuki $322Million From Abacha Loot – Iweala & Other Confess

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December 11, 2015 – Jonathan Ordered Me To Give Dasuki $322Million From Abacha Loot – Iweala & Other Confess

Heartbreaking revelations have come on how huge cash estimated at $2billion meant for arms purchase was allegedly diverted by key government officials and politicians during the Dr. Goodluck Jonathan Presidency.

A former Director of Finance in the Office of the National Security Adviser (ONSA), Mr. Shuaibu Salisu, said $47million was withdrawn from the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) in 11 suit cases.

He said he suspected that the cash might have been given to the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP).

He, however, said as a civil servant, he was innocent because he only carried out instructions from the ex-National Security Adviser, Mr. Mohammed Sambo Dasuki.

The Chief Judge of the Federal Capital Territory (FCT), Justice Ishaq Bello, yesterday ordered that Salisu be either arraigned in a competent court of law if there is any basis for so doing or be released on administrative bail on terms to be settled by the applicant.

It was also discovered that N10billion was withdrawn from the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) for gubernatorial and State Houses of Assembly elections.

The payment of the N10billion was authenticated by former Finance Minister Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala, who has said she transferred $322 million from the Abacha loot to Dasuki, following instruction from Dr. Jonathan.

Salisu opened up in a Statement of Witness/Accused he wrote under oath in the presence of investigators of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC).

The statement was attached to the charges preferred against Salisu and filed in the High Court of the Federal Capital Territory in preparation for his arraignment by the EFCC today before Justice H.Y. Baba and Justice P.O. Affen.

Salisu, who said he did not benefit from all the slush funds from the CBN, said: “I could remember on the 20/11/2014 , I was directed by the NSA, M.S. Dasuki to go to the CBN and collect the sum of $47m in cash and the balance in Euro and the directive was obeyed and the monies were delivered to the NSA in about 11 suit cases.

“I acknowledged the receipt of the money from the CBN which was handed over to M.S. Dasuki.

“I think the monies were meant for PDP. After delivery, I left, I did not see or know when the money was distributed.

“I did not benefit even one cent. The request for the funds was tag(sic) Special Services signed by the NSA, M.S. Dasuki, addressed to the Governor of CBN.

“I did not know the source of the money into our CBN Account. The foreign currencies that I collected from the CBN were delivered to the NSA in his house, No. 13, John Kadiya Street, Asokoro.”

The Nation last night obtained memos of some of the curious withdrawals.

In a November 26, 2014 memo to the Central Bank Governor(NSA /366/S), the former NSA instructed as follows: “Further to our discussion, you are pleased requested to provide the sum of $47m cash out of the N10 billion and the balance in Euro to this office for special services.

“Mr. S.A Salisu, Director of Finance and Administration, is hereby authorised to sign and collect the amount. Please accept, Your Excellency , the assurances of my highest esteem.

In another April 10, 2015 letter, BPSD/CRC/ GEN/FMF/01/36 by the Banking and Payment System Department, the CBN authenticated payment mandate of N10billion to the ONSA for preparation for gubernatorial and State Assembly elections.

The letter, signed by CBN Director, Banking and Payments System Department, reads: “In accordance with your letters, Ref. No. HMF/FMF/082.F15276.7 and F.15276 respectively on the above subject, we forward herewith the following mandate for authentication. Mandate Ref. FD/LP(9/4/2015)-N5,000,000,000 to National Security Adviser Account No. 0029172241019, CBN; another N5,000,000,000 to National Security Adviser Account No. 1014199287, Zenith Bank, K-City Plaza, WUSE II Abuja.

“Purpose of payment: “Being amount released to the Office of National Security Adviser(ONSA) from the Signatory Bonus Account in preparation for the forthcoming Gubernatorial / State Assembly elections as approved by AGF.

“The Honourable Minister may wish to authenticate this mandate to enable the CBN remit the fund.”

In a short note to approve the request Mrs. Okonjo-Iweala simply said: “Authenticated” and signed.

There were indications last night that the EFCC may invite Mrs. Okonjo-Iweala “for clarifications”. She has openly admitted that she released $322million to ex-NSA Dasuki from the Abacha loot recovered.

“ We have to find out from her whether or not due process was followed. She also needs to tell the anti-graft agency whether such a release was appropriated or not,” a source told The Nation, pleading not to be named because he is not authorised to speak on the matter.

Justice Ishaq Bello yesterday ordered that Salisu be either arraigned in a competent court of law if there is any basis for so doing or be released on administrative bail on terms to be settled by the applicant.

This followed an application for the enforcement of Salisu’s fundamental human rights by his counsel, A.U Mustapha.

Mustapha had sought for a declaration that the “ arrest and continuous detention of Salaisu by the EFCC from November 20, 2015 constitutes a gross volation of the applicant’s rights to personal liberty and freedom of movement respectively guaranteed under sections 35 and 41 of the 1999 Constitution.

“A declaration that the arrest and continuous detention of the applicant in custody without any charge since November 20 with a view to denying him freedom of movement as guaranteed by 1999 Constitution and .article 10(1) of the African Charter on Human and Peoples’ Rights( Ratification and Enfircement) Act Cap A9 Laws of the Federation of Nigeria is accordingly unlawful, unconstitutional and illegal.

“An order directing the the EFCC to release the applicant forthwith without any condition.

“An order as the Honourable Court may deem fit to make in the circumstances of the application.”

[The Nation]

11 thoughts on “Jonathan Ordered Me To Give Dasuki $322Million From Abacha Loot – Iweala & Other Confess

      • Read the story properly Bro, let remind ourselves about the fact here. It’s a fact there was $2.2B MISSING. it’s a fact the said amount was meant to EQUIP NIGERIA ARMY on the fight against Boko Haram. The revelations in the past weeks confirmed another fact that the said amount was DELIBRATELYdiverted for another purpose which is a criminal act because a CRIME has been committed. Withdrawing money from the federation account either for genuine reasons or otherwise is subject to approval of the C-in-C. Who was the C-in-C when all the acts took place? Goodluck Jonathan. I won’t call him a criminal and surely he can’t deny not knowing what was happening then (ignorant is not an excuse). And if all facts pointed to him as the one who approved the with drawer, he’s a CRIMINAL simple.

  1. Nigerian students and youths must wake-up to reality that tribalism, division, hatred, unnecessary agitation and religious intolerance that are usually fuel by criminal politicians that are no longer in the corridor of power will not protect their collective interests. It is no longer a news that former president Badluck Jonathan, those criminal presidents/Head of State before him, and other politicians except President Buhari are the reasons why majority of ordinary Nigerian people are suffering and struggling in the mist of plenty of natural resources. Badluck Jonathan was the worst president in term of wasteful spending, embezzlement, mismanagement, corruption and insecurity. For example, $2.1 billions that was budgeted to purchase arms, equipment and other supplies to our men and women in uniforms was embezzled by criminal Jonathan, Raymond Dopesi of AIT, Dansuki, and other politicians that doesn’t care about the security and safety of our people. I’m appealing to my brothers and sisters in the Southeast region of the country to give this great man – President Buhari that opportunity to deliver the dividend of democracy to their region and the nation at large. The president cannot deliver in the state of chaos, confusion and civil unrest. Jonathan appointed Igbos as his finance, secretary of the federation, petroleum, defence, and our important positions, but the Igbos, Southeast, southsouth regions and the nation at large benefit nothing from those appointees because they were there to embezzle national treasure for themselves and their families. Let us all support PMB war against corruption, mismanagement and looting, and we shall all benefit from his administration. My advise for the Igbo youths is that they should rally and agitate for Biafra only with the children of their powerful and rich politicians on the streets, if not, they should know that they have been used, dumped, and brainwashed by our wicked politicians. Majority of our looters have their children and families in advance countries while they used you guys as instruments for their politics and confusion. There is God oooooooooooo in the way and manner Jonathan and his team of Looters have bankruptcy our nation from surplus to red.

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